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I made this set last week but I wasn't able to write anything...
it took me so long to find inspiration to write this and I think is not good enough, sorry if I confuse you with the story, I'll try to make it clear in the next story ^_^

“Yah! Jerk you don’t even know where my house is!” I yelled. This guy was seriously crazy!

“Is not in this direction?” He seemed completely ashamed. Poor boy, I could understand his embarrassment, acting like a fool in front of me…hahaha.

“No, it’s in the opposite direction, and we’re not going to my place either.”

“We have to, you need to change, and afterwards we’re going to an important place” I glared at him, who did he think he is to boss me around? 

“I’m not going anywhere, just leave me alone!” 

“Fine, then I’ll tell everybody that you…” He started, smirking devilishly.

“Ok, ok! Just shut up!” I sighed in frustration and walked ahead, with him trailing just behind me.

My family was never normal; mom was always spending my father’s money while he was busy at work. I really couldn’t find anything they had in common; he was responsible and strict while she was, to put it in some way, a lazy woman. The only thing they had in common was that both of them were always trying to control my life and ignoring my needs. 
I tried to please them, but for some reason all my attempts were never enough for my parents.
That’s why I decided to leave home and start my own life, far away from their prejudices and stupid habits.

Since the first time I saw Eun Hye I found her extremely similar to my mother, they were prideful and selfish, always looking down on those who were not as 'successful' as they were. But despite their striking similar personalities, Eun Hye didn’t bother me as nearly as much as my mother did. Quite the opposite, I couldn’t help but feeling sorry for her and her pathetic way to push people away from her.

That day I was about to leave her alone when an idea crossed my mind, all she needed was someone who could deflate her and mom needed exactly the same…

“All you need to do is pressing the red button and is done, just keep that in mind” I said to Eun Hye when she finally was ready after spending the whole afternoon at teaching her how to wash her clothes. I was leaning against the wall of her small bedroom, looking how she applied make up in her eyelids; she simply nodded without any interest and kept doing was she was doing. “Did you hear what I said?” I frowned, pissed with her behavior. 

“Yeah! I heard, just the red button” she repeated. “Give me my shoes!” she demanded still looking at her reflection in the mirror. 

“There’s a word to ask for things” I said thinking about how much she needed to learn some manners. Eun Hye rolled eyes and hesitantly added: 

“Can you give me my shoes? The black ones!” I shook my head. 

“You should be more polite to people, you know?”

“What? I was polite! Anyways just forget about it, I’ll do it myself!” she turned around and I could see her face, she was indeed beautiful but I haven’t noticed it until that moment. 
As she gave a step forward to reach her shoes I pulled her playfully making her sat at the edge of her bed. 

“This is called being polite” I smiled at her and put her shoes in her feet. She didn’t try to stop me or anything, it seemed like she was enjoying being treated like some sort of princess.

“That is called acting like a slave, which is fine with me, you always can come and wash my clothes” she stood up grinning. “Now let’s go! I don’t have my entire life to waste with you and your peasant-complex!” I snorted, this time completely angry; she definitely needed to learn a lot of things! 

“Just wait and you’ll see” I said to myself when she left the room with her high heels pounding the floor. 

The cab stopped in front of a big and elegant house. Eun Hye looked at Taecyeon suspiciously, showing some kind of worried expression. 

“What is this?” she asked as she got off the car, the male shook his head as he paid for the ride. 

“You’ll see” He replied and seconds later dragged her into the big mansion. 

She looked around trying to figure out what that place was, the frontal garden was like the ones in movies and she thought she saw some maids looking through the windows. 

“Is this some kind of…” She had serious suspicions about that house, but when she finally gathered the courage to ask, someone stood in the entrance

“Who’s her?” a cold female voice asked, she couldn’t help but to feel annoyed by the way on which that woman was talking to them. 

“Not even a hug, mom?” Taecyeon replied and Eun Hye quickly looked up to the woman. The girl rarely got surprised by others, but this time undoubtedly Taecyeon managed to. She showed her astonishment by widening her eyes as she noticed his mom’s beauty and recognized the dress she was wearing as a creation from Stella McCartney.

“Who’s her?” Taecyeon’s mother inquired again, ignoring his son's words.

“My girlfriend” he let out as if it was obvious.

“Girlfriend?” his mother and Eun Hye shouted at the same time, both of them shocked.

“Yeah, mom, my girlfriend. Honey, say hi to my mom” Taecyeon poked the girl's arm. Eun Hye was simply too startled to argue. 

“Hi” she coldly said as Taecyeon’s mom analyzed her from head to toe.

“Not ugly” The woman said “And dresses well, where did you find her?

Unexpectedly, my mom walked to us and pulled Eun Hye in a hug, the Ice Princess looked puzzled but said nothing, she just smiled seemingly uncomfortable. 

“It’s the first time you bring someone here, and she's actually a very pretty girl” I shook my head, perplexed by mom’s attitude; I really didn’t see that coming…

After an hour or superficial talk, mom and Eun Hye were best friends; they completely ignored me and started to talk about ridiculous topic like shoes and bags. 
“Really? Last time I was in Paris I bought an amazing Chanel bag from the limited edition, I should have brought it today, I just didn’t know I was going to meet you” Eun Hye smiled to my mom, it was the first time I saw a sincere smile in her face. 

“Eun Hye-ah, next time let’s meet for lunch” Mom said and “my girlfriend” nodded in agreement. “Taecyeon-ah! I’m so happy you’ve found a girl like her, where did you two met?” 
Finally mom noticed me, great, it was the right time to make her change her opinion about Eun Hye.

“She works in the bakery in front of the coffee shop” Eun Hye shook her head slightly, making a grimace at the same time that my mother frowned.

“Bakery?” she asked glancing at Eun Hye “Oh! You own a bakery!” 

“No, she just works there” I replied before she could say something.

“You work in a bakery?” Mom inquired incredulous, I even noticed that her usual expression returned to her face. Eun Hye glared at me and forced a grin.

“It’s just my dad’s thing; he wants me to work… you know just like Taecyeon is doing…” Mom sighed relieved.

“I wish Taecyeon wasn’t working in that coffee shop and started to work in the company” mom sighed again, this time frustrated “Maybe you could make him change his mind” she looked at Eun Hye with hopeful eyes. 

“We have to get going, mom, she worked really hard today and needs to rest” I said as I stood up, giving up on my plan. It had failed, so it was useless to stay there. 

“Won’t you wait for your dad?” I shook my head “Let’s have dinner together, it’s been a while since the last time you came-” 

“No, mom. We’re leaving!” I grabbed Eun Hye’s hand and said goodbye.

“We’ll come often from now on!” she said and my mother smiled pleased. 

“Yah! You! Call a taxi for them!” Mom shouted to one of the maids, who almost dropped an expensive vase because of the shock. 

“Mom, we’re going to take a bus” I kissed her in the cheek and dragging Eun Hye with me, I left home. 

“Your mom is so pretty” We were about to reach the exit when I heard Eun Hye’s voice speak in admiration.

“So, you know how to compliment” I sneered. 

“I liked her” she said and just in that moment I realized that I was still holding her hand. I felt how my cheeks started to burn. 

“R-really?” I muttered nervous. 

“Yeah, she’s so kind…” Apparently she noticed our hands intertwined too, because she looked at her hand.

“You’re the first person who thinks so” I joked. 

“Thanks!” she said out of nowhere and I almost hit my head with the principal door. 


“Thanks” she repeated still staring at our hands “You recovered my ring” she released my hand and showed me the big diamond shining on her finger.

“Apparently you love diamonds” Geez… this girl!

“It was mom’s” she said after a silence on which we kept walking aimlessly. “She gave it to me before she died.” I didn’t know what to say, but fortunately just in that moment a bus passed by our side, I clutched her wrist and lifted my hand as I ran after the bus.

“Yah! What are you doing!” I heard her complain. 

“I told mom we were taking a bus!” I smirked, ignoring her anger.

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