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 This is a collab set with LADY JOHANNA
It was a fine day shopping at the Brighton Shoppes with Lady Johanna then after we walk at Vauxhall Gardens on our way to the Merchants Place to shoppe for more fine linens and garments Johanna suddenly noticed me not paying attention to her lovely stories in fact my eyes and mind are being entertained by sweet letters from Mister Brawne.

After a long day then the Royal carriage brought us home with tons of baggage along with our few handful new suitcases and hats that we both found at the merchant's place.

We had a few talk then suddenly Lady Johanna noticed my journal whom I was holding all throughout
the day.

"Princess may i know what that book is? Is that even a book or a journal? And I seem to assess you all day that you've been reading some letters?"

I nodded and smiled as I do not want Lady Johanna to see Mister Brawne's letters.

Johanna gave me that face to tell her everything. I sighed and said "I am sorry but it is not meant to be known by anyone." I frowned.

"Oh Princess Amelia are you having an affair with Mister Brawne!?!" Johanna was shocked and said "Give me that lemme see."

She grabbed the journal and there came all my letters fell on the ground. I picked them up but it was too late. Lady Johanna already saw and read a few.

"Prince Regent must know about this! That his beloved sister Princess Amelia is seeing Mister Brawne! I'm sure this is an outrage!" Lady Johanna smirked and watched Amelia ran away from her.

♕Princess Amelia♕

Please PM or Comment Below if you want to collab a story set with Princess Amelia and send a theme or scene details for it :) TYVM
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