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As the dawn breaks Princess Amelia head to her tons of Princess' duties. One of them is asking her to travel far away land and visit the newly built orphanage down south of Brighton and some of other important royal duties were called on the same area.

Princess Amelia get dressed early and rode one of the royal carriages alongside with her is General FItzroy who is leading the Royal Guards.
Princess Amelia was staring outside the beautiful scenery of Brighton's rich fields, forests, and lands.
To her awe she saw a shadow of a young lady seems like weeping and sitting under the big maple tree near the Hasting's Estate. Princess Amelia got worried and requested to stop the carriage immediately.

The Royal artillery stopped marching in the command of General Fitzroy. He then escorted the Princess as she descends her Royal Carriage. Everyone was intrigued and looked on her way.

"Princess Amelia, it is dangerous outside it is still dark please go back inside the carriage we need to travel to a far away land and we can not be late." General Fitzroy uttered.

"It is okay General. We still have enough time. Let me speak to this young lady first if you please excuse me." Princess Amelia smiled and nodded. The General bowed and escorted the Princess to the weeping lady under the tree.

I asked to leave me and her for a while to talk. The General went back to the crew and left us under the tree.


I slowly walked towards the crying lady's way and to my awe I saw Miss Lydia Reynolds! The society's flirt as what they say. I tried to go back to my carriage as I do not want to bow down to her level as she already ruined her reputation for sleeping with most of men and flirting with them. Yet as a Princess with a kind heart, still her kindness dominated. So she asked. "Miss Reynolds what are you doing here? Are you okay? You seemed like crying? But why?" Princess Amelia asked.

Lydia Reynolds then looked upon wiping her teary eye and saw the Princess in her dazzling gown. "Oh your highness pardon me for seeing me like this in such vain." she wept.

"Come dear." Princess Amelia held her hands and embraced her. "Why are you crying? Please tell me maybe I can help you in some way?" Amelia asked.

"I might stain your lovely dress your highness let me dry my tears away." She continued to wipe her eyes. She sniffed and said "Life's never been good to me." she stated. "I just want to have a good life, and a good man who will love me for me." She smiled.

"So it is the matter of the heart. Aww come on Lydia you are lovely and I know you are kind I am sure you will capture one man's heart and soon you'll find him. Maybe he is just around the corner you don't know who maybe he is staring at you right now." The Princess giggled trying to cheer the weeping Lydia Reynolds.

On the other hand General Fitzroy is looking from a far and so deeply captivated by Amelia's kind soul. "She doesn't only have a beautiful face yet she also have a beautiful heart. She really is a true Princess. Ahhh." General smiled.

Avery Navarre the stable master arrived bringing a herd of horses for the Royal artillery. General Fitzroy approached him. "Good day Avery, you seemed so early sending the herds to the Royal Palace is it?" The General asked. Then commanded some of his men to bring the herd back to the Palace for Avery to get back to his stable and attend to other horses.

"Yes General Fitzroy, I want to show our latest breed of horses to Prince George he wanted to do some hunting and horseback riding in the next days." Avery smiled then he asked. "General what are you doing here in this early morning?" The General said "We are on our way to south of Brighton to visit an orphanage yet a young crying lady under that tree made the Princess stop the crew and decided to speak to the lady and ask if she's okay. There they are." he pointed out at the Princess & Lydia's way.

"Oh it is Lydia what is wrong with her? She is my friend General." Then they both looked at the ladies.


"Okay so why don't you wipe off your tears and smile. I know someday that noble guy will show up an dwill be brave enough to fight for your love." Amelia said. "Thank you Princess Amelia you brighten up my day." she then thanked Amelia and promised to never cry in front of the Princess again.

"So I must go duty calls." Princess Amelia said. "Have a Nice Day Miss Reynolds!" Princess Amelia mounted the Royal carriage and waved good bye to Lydia.


On the other hand Lydia then saw Avery walking towards her. "Are you crying again?" Avery said then hugged her and stayed that way for at least half of the hour.


Princess Amelia
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