Princess Evangeline Katherine Cornelia Margaret Windsor [BEHIND THE CROWN]

♧Princess Evangeline Katherine Cornelia Margaret Windsor
{Twenty One}
Position: Princess
For the Princess of England- Evangeline is, surprisingly, normal. Or at least as normal as a twenty one year old royal can be. She goes by Eve, is an avid fan of polo and can typically be spotted at one of London’s rising clubs. Often overlooked for the affairs of her older brothers Evangeline slid under her parent’s harsh radar. That doesn’t mean Evangeline slipped out of her many royal responsibilities. Publicity was always of major importance in the family’s eyes and the pressure of being the best of the best of the young royal court weighed on Evangeline. From day one greatness was expected, not desired. But every so often Evangeline would slip up. A date with the wrong boy, staying out too late, or even a day without make up- as long as Evangeline learned from the mistakes. Besides Evangeline was the youngest daughter the furthest away from the throne, she had room to slip up. At least a little bit. That was until the accident. The death that no one acknowledges; the son whose seat at the court will remain unfilled. The eyes of the world suddenly turned on the Windsor family, and suddenly the room to experiment was gone. As the months pass from the oldest prince’s death, things slowly return to normal. Evangeline is lively again, flirting with most of the court and enjoying her life. For now.
Astrid Berges-Frisbey
started: april 4th, 2012

role play with: @withlove-kirsten
  • Astrid Berges-Frisbey
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    "ello, i'm evangeline, or eve as everyone calls me." — @nifty-nikki
  • Jalouse Cover May 2011 Shot #1 - MyFDB
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    "you've probably seen me on the covers of gossip magazines with slanderous words written next to my photo." — @nifty-nikki
  • astrid berges frisbey | Tumblr
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    "well, those words aren't true, and i'm here to set you straight." — @nifty-nikki
  • Meryl-Streep-Oscars
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    "my wonderful grandmother, the queen of england. queen annemarie katharine marianne windsor rules the land. in my opinion, she is the most down to earth, humble person in all of the castle." — @nifty-nikki
  • colin firth, best of
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    "my father, prince andrew windsor, next in line for the throne. he loves his children so much, and after losing his eldest, he hasn't quite been as happy go lucky." — @nifty-nikki
  • Uma Thurman 3 | Idol image -
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    "my mother, margaret lynn windsor, is one of the only mothers not to hire nannies. she told as that she vowed to raise each one of us without the help of nannies. she didn't want to be one of those parents that left her children to fend for themselves." — @nifty-nikki
  • fuck yeah, chris pine!
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    "andrew marcello louis windsor--the brother that i loved. he was always the jokester of the family despite being the oldest. he knew how to keep on my face and keep everyone entertained. it was a sad day when the dirt was thrown over the casket." — @nifty-nikki
    Christopher Whitelaw Pine was born on August 26, 1980, in Los Angeles, California. He has had roles...
  • hunter parrish | Tumblr
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    "henry albert mark david--my second oldest brother. before the death, henry was loud, exuberant & lively, but now, he's quiet, reserved, & the responsible one. he used to let loose and have fun, but he's walled himself up in his room. i just want him back." — @nifty-nikki
  • my very sexy husband, alexander ludwig.
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    "and now there's the final brother george phillip charles windsor-the brother i tend to party with. he's taught me some tricks to getting out of the castle, which has definitely helped. he's the one i go to to get out of the castle." — @nifty-nikki
  • Elizabeth Arden Red Door Fragrance | behind the...
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    "finally, there's duchess elisabeth earianne rose howard-my best friend in the entire court. she's the one person i know i can always rely on or go to for advice. she's a stunner, and there's been moments where i've been jealous. everyone loves her!" — @nifty-nikki
    Elizabeth Arden Red Door Fragrance | behind the scenes
  • Three words Life Goes On
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    "horseback riding has finally started to grow on me. i may be an avid fan of polo, but horses still scared me for some odd reason. all my brothers and friends learned how to ride, but i just couldn't do it. however, i know how to fake it when i need to." — @nifty-nikki
    vampire diaries. junior. gossip girl. ian somerhalder. boston celtics. rajon rando(: music. kate voegele. droids. miranda kerr. leighton meester. dessert, especially. chocolate. romance. pretty little...
  • fishtail braid | Tumblr
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    "during the summer months, i like to try and experiment with my hair to my parents dismay. it's just a little way i like to express myself. it's not permanent and can come out easily in the shower." — @nifty-nikki
  • i'm ready for ya
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    "well, i like to push my parents boundaries with dying my hair, imagine if they knew the extent of my partying. i tend to sneak out most nights of the week if i can to go party at the local clubs with george and other people a part of the group" — @nifty-nikki
  • astrid berges frisbey | Tumblr
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    "i may like to push boundaries, but i know when to stop. i've been caught multiple times, but i haven't been put on lock down. after the death, father has started to get on my case more and keep a closer eye on me. but that doesn't mean i'll stop." — @nifty-nikki
  • Lily Collins Paris Photographer
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    "the paparazzi has caught me multiple times on my late escapades in the city. they mostly post trash about my love life, making up lies and slandering me. don't believe everything you read." — @nifty-nikki
    lily collins paris photographer 05, Lily Collins takes a pic of the paparazzi with her Olympus camera while sight seeing with her mom Jill in Paris, France on Sunday afternoon (April 1). Over the…
  • I'm jaded, stupid, and reckless;
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    "i absolutely love flowers. i always have a vase of them in my room, either freshly picked from the garden or sent to me by my many suitors." — @nifty-nikki
  • light of the star
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    "tulips and roses are by far my favorite flowers. i have yards, probably acres of the two flowers planted in our massive garden. giving me a vase of these are a sure fire way to getting on my good side." — @nifty-nikki
  • ☼ melonkid ☼
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    "i love to have adventures. this is probably why i like to sneak off in one of the many secret tunnels. i tend to escape to the forest, the library, or the town of dover." — @nifty-nikki
    gu-avajuice: “ k-okos: “ q’d ☼ feel free to delete! ” ☯follow for posts like this☯ ”
  • Photos / cute brother and sister photi
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    "ever since i was little, i've always been protective of my brothers. i don't want to see them hurt, which is why i've become even more protective after the death. i would also like to think that they are protective over me." — @nifty-nikki
  • Unabashedly Prep - StylePrep EssentialsStore Profiles
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    "reading is a love of mine. i like to hide away, curl up with a good book by a window, and read away. i can be gone for hours, which is when the court becomes boring(:" — @nifty-nikki
  • Young and restless.
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    "i hate coffee. i absolutely despise it, and i barely like tea. i tend just to drink water if i have the choice. i'll drink tea to pacify my mother and grandmother." — @nifty-nikki
    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." I'm...
  • Be my teenage dream, tonight
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    "my laptop and phone are two things that i cannot live without. my phone keeps me plugged into the world and up to date. the only problem with these two items is that i see the headlines--most of which are about me or my family." — @nifty-nikki
  • Tumblr
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    "i love my music. if i get the chance to listen to it, it calms my nerves for big events or just keep me sane. i rarely get a chance to listen as people always want me to do something." — @nifty-nikki
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  • It's Laughter That We're Making After All
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    "i absolutely love my jewelry. i tend to only wear pieces from tiffany&co unless it's the ornate jewels from my grandmother. i like simple pieces, allowing other things to attract attention from people." — @nifty-nikki
  • Beagle Puppy Training | Beagle Training
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    "puppies! i love all of the hunting puppies, especially the new born ones. i tend to run for the puppies' quarters and play with them. on occasion, i have a tendency to steal one for the night or two and keep them in my room." — @nifty-nikki
  • Bold dramatic statements - eclectic - bedroom - other metros - by Tracy Murdock Allied ASID
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    "this is my bedroom. it's big and spacious, almost too large for me. right now, i have it decked out in purple, one of my favorite colors. my other favorite color is blue, so my room tends to change a lot." — @nifty-nikki
  • Tumblr
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    "my massive closet. this is where all of my clothes are held. there are so many drawers and levels holding my many skirts, shoes, blouses and gowns." — @nifty-nikki
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  • bathroom
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    "my lovely bathroom, where i like to take baths and relax. it's one of the most relaxing for me." — @nifty-nikki
  • lily donaldson | Tumblr
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    "i'll admit, i'm a huge flirt. when i'm out partying with my friends, i tend to mingle with the wrong people at times, unfortunately. but sometimes the flirting has definitely led to her meeting interesting characters." — @nifty-nikki
  • liam hemsworth | Tumblr
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    "it actually led me to meeting Wren, a sweet southern boy from Yale. he was a friend of elisabeth's, which is actually why he came to england. he came searching for liss, as he has a big crush on her." — @nifty-nikki
  • 2012-05 FEA Hunger Games Liam Hemsworth P IPAD - Hollywood Reporter
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    "he enlisted in the help me after meeting me at a coffee shop. we became a team, with him ignoring my attempts at flirting. it just prompted my attempts to keep flirting and help him win over lis." — @nifty-nikki
  • liam hemsworth | Tumblr
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    "but something happened between Wren and Lis, and suddenly the attention turned to me. i welcomed it, not realizing i was the rebound girl. i've resorted to sneaking out to party, then sneaking off in order to meet him, since he is forbidden." — @nifty-nikki
  • Astrid Berges Frisbey Photos - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' premiere - Zimbio
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    "but while i'm off sneaking around with wren and even before, i had to keep up appearences at the court. this resorted to me flirting even more so, especially with a certain somebody that people like." — @nifty-nikki
  • astrid berges frisbey | Tumblr
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    "this is me in a snapshot. there are so many more facets of me. if you believe the press, don't bother talking to me." — @nifty-nikki
  • astrid berges frisbey | Tumblr
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    "but if you don't believe them, good for you. it's all nonsense anyway. well, give me a ring, and we could go get some fish and chips!" — @nifty-nikki

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