OMG iM SO EXCITED THIS IS MY FIRST STYLE TIP!!!! ON WITH IT. Hope you like it. It took me 2 hours.

^Monday: Belle-fancy casual
&Get a dress similar to the one in the set. It can be gold or yellow.
&Dress it up with some nice black stilletoes or some nude pumps
&Dress it down with some brown gladiators or black oxfords
&Wear some nice pearls and a nice dangly necklace. 
If you want it like the picture go on ahead. If not, do amessy bun or a upside down french braid into a bun. Sexy time!
Do what you like with a bit of bronzer BB cream or concealer, yellow eyeshadow and white eyeshadow. GO BANANAS.

^Tuesday: Ariel in dressy form
&Get a nice pink prissy dress like one in the set and enjoy your girliness.
& Pair it with some nice nude shoes preferably heels and go dancing haha. 
& nude oxfords are perfect for the people that hate heels
& wear some nice bangles for a boho indie style and some feathered earrings
& wear pearl items for pure class
& Hair is curled and luscious and maybe even a nice waterfall braid
&makeup: rouge lipstick, pink blush, a tiny bit of mocha eyeliner, and lots of mascara

Wednesday: Pocahontas
& get a brown ruffled dress that looks like the one in the set and looks super gorgeous.
& This time wear some sandals no heels just sandals or some nice moccasins
& Feather up your jewelry like preferably blue feathers and pinkish
& Hair:: WILD AND FREE BABY. Let it all hang out
&Makeup:: Put on your brightest blue eyeshadow with a bit of pink and paint the town red. Put on some suddle blush and a little lip balm.

Thursday: Tiana and loving it.
Once again the dress in the set or similar
&Wear it wuth some nice purple flats or possible sandals. High heels if you are up for it. They should make you look stunning not thrown together.
&Jewelry: It would be wise to wear some gold and purple to play up your dress. Like some bangles and earrings. A cute ring with your initial on it would be a plus! 
&Hair: Have a little pin up hair style or even better a total messy bun all the way thing going on.
& Makeup: Make it shimmery gold with a sokey eye with purple. PERFECTO! Blush is not needed a bit of bronzer for my white girls and none for the black girls. Eyeliner in purple.

^Friday Ariel in casual form
& Wear a nice purple tub tob or bralette with a cute green muscle shirt.
& wear some awesome seafoam green skinnies.
& Wear a nice pair of nude shoes like oxfords or heels. 
& Wear a spify necklace like one that says taken or single or whatever.
& Hair should be in a half-butted(arsed) ponytail. Like a lazy day.
& Lay off the makeup go natural
& Smile
****Tip****: get your bf or bff to dress up with you meaning extra swagger. HAHA Goodluck*****

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