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Leia Skywalker Solo (born Leia Amidala Skywalker, also known like Leia Organa, and late Leia Organa Solo) is one of the original sassy, kick ass, powerful female characters in sci-fi. From the movies with Carrie Fischer who is such an AWESOME actress, to the tons of books, comics and other tie ins, she has a rich and complex life, with evil and good on all sides. She manages to walk within her personal power and stay on the side of the good guys.

Princess, ambassador, rebel leader, warrior, sister, lover, mother, Jedi - what more could you want? 

From Wikipedia (there is too much information to put it all here- I suggest you go and read up):

Princess Leia Organa is characterized as a driven, dedicated woman with a forceful personality. The "petite, fair-skinned human female" is known perhaps as the most beautiful and remembered woman in the Star Wars universe. Leia was loved by Luke Skywalker (before their sibling relationship was discovered), Han Solo, Prince Isolder (before he met Teneniel Djo) and others. In the Shadows of the Empire novels, Leia is seduced by the crime lord Prince Xizor, who bewitches her with pheromones. Chewbacca manages to break off the seduction, allowing Leia to defeat the gangster.

A woman warrior, Leia frequently takes part in combat operations. She is an excellent marksman, missing rarely, if ever, with a blaster. She kills, among other villainous characters, Jabba the Hutt, choking him with the very chain that bound her to him; Leia is also responsible for Grand Admiral Thrawn's death, since she turns the Noghri against him. By redeeming her brother, she also helps bring about the destruction of the Clone Emperor. She even kills a Dark Jedi named Kueller with a blaster rifle, right before he is about to deal a fatal blow to Luke.

Though initially hesitant about her Jedi training, Leia later learns various Force techniques, and becomes a very proficient Jedi after finishing her training under Luke's guidance. She eventually becomes a full-fledged member of the New Jedi Order, developing her lightsaber skills and even further under the training of Master Saba Sebatyne. Leia displays her powers of the lightsaber by slaying a fully trained Dark Jedi, even before training under Master Sebatyne.
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