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Tag for Vintage Queen - I was tagged by my lovely friends :
miky83 -
incubeautee -
LoveSexMagic -
valentina -
Victorianvelvet -
Create a set with the instructions Who is the Vintage Style Queen on Fashion Theatre ? Please, create a set finding all the items ( in the itens on Polyvore they can be any itens that can be fit the list ) 1 - Vintage dress, coat or skirt 2 - a pair of heels 3 - picture of the city ( any city - London, Paris, NY ) 4 - stamp 5 - vintage bag 6 - old car or another type of retro transport 7 - chocolate sweets, chocolate or coffee 8 - the picture of vintage/retro woman 9 - REQUIRED ITEM -
You are all get to judge the entries and decide who is the Tag for Vintage Queen - when you make your set, tag 5 people one likewise and submit it here please
Accept new tag sets only !!!!!! 2 entries per person - be creative and have fun !!!!!!! Don't forget !!!!!!!!!! Copy this text and paste it below your set!!!!!!!
Now I tag :anyone who wishes create a set. Good creation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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