Named for the crisp, elegant white rose oft used in bouquets and decorative arrangements, Blanche is the eldest daughter of Roi Florent LaFleur and Reine Melisande LaFleur. Blanche has been primed for the role of Queen since she was a toddler, and she has been a prim and proper lady for as long as she can remember. Blanche is highly intelligent and politically shrewd, despite being only 21.

Blanche does not have any close friends, and she treats her younger sisters cooly, as she believes that love is weakness and does not want to let anybody into her heart. Blanche is often called "The Ice Queen" behind her back as she can be quite cold and arrogant.

Blanche loves nights when the moon is full and all the stars are out; sometimes, she spends all night on her balcony identifying constellations or reading by moonlight.

Blanche dresses as extravagantly as a Queen, often in white with sumptuous materials and layers of glittering jewelry made from silver, diamonds, pearls, and moonstones. She enjoys attending the highest of society's balls and masquerades, taking in the decadent fashions and foods. 

Blanche is a highly logical girl and brushes off her sisters' stories of mysterious figures in the garden and strange noises at night as complete nonsense.

Blanche's favorite tea is Black Darjeeling with a hard wither.

Blanche's parents (The King and Queen) are extremely proud of her; she is seen as the wisest of their daughters.
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