The Prison

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  • Prison
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    "The Prison." — @thewalking
  • How Prisons Work
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    "Only a small fraction of this place is still crawling with walkers." — @thewalking
    Life in a Prison Cell - Discover how prisons works and explore this incredibly complex system. Keep reading to learn how prisons work and what life is like on the inside.
  • File Jail Cell NMCP.jpg
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    "But this place is more secure than a random building in the middle of the country. But think of it's name indeed is a prison." — @thewalking
  • SRING SALE vintage petroleum can, vintage collectibles, old gas, petroleum can
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    "Just realize one thing, this old prison runs on gas powered energy. When the gas runs out, so does all the power to the gates." — @thewalking
    NEAT old petroleum can! Yes it does show its age with some rust and scratches, but an absolutely charming old can. Stands almost 10 3/4 inches tall(without the handle lifted up). About 4 1/2 inches in diameter. Check out more items!
  • Police Scandals Free Up Jail Cells For Released Inmates
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    "So get out while you still can..." — @thewalking
    ​The Examiner had an intriguing piece today on how the scandals shaking the police department in the last year...
  • The Walking Dead
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    "Because they're not going to wait for you..." — @thewalking

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