+ inside of you - the maine 
[girl] and [boys] relationship is like a friends with benefits kind of relationship. it's all alcohol and sex, but then when [boy] decides he wants something more because he's tired of "heading nowhere" and realises the girl's never going to open up to him, though. so even after he falls for her and admits it, she only wants sex. hooking up with one person consistently- feelings can get so twisted since you're giving yourself to the other person physically but not emotionally. [boy] can be inside of her but he can never see inside of her, so when he tells [girl] it's over she realises what has gone wrong in the relationship.
will she open up to him? will he be able to change her? will they try a normal relationship? or will the two move on?

+ terrible things - mayday parade
[father] thinks that he had a failured-love... and he's giving [boy/son] a wall between fantasy and reality about love... he thinks it would give [boy] a knowledge about the frustrations that love may bring... it will make him wise... but, as [boy] starts to become closer with [girl] he is too afraid to take it to a relationship level, and when [girl] gives up on them and moves onto another guy [boy] realises he loves her, but doesn't know what to do. [father] doesn't realise that he was loved by a great woman, and how good that feeling was. will the boys father let him go after the girl? will the girl take him back? will boy learn that love isn't so bad?

+ sugar we're going down - fall out boy
[boy] is one of those guys who skips class and smokes under the bleachers and happens to fall in love with the most popular girl and she is attracted to him too but she is hiding him - she has someone else. [girl] gives [boy] every excuse under the sun when she can't hang out with him, but he knows that she's hiding somewhere with her boyfriend. but [boy] doesn't realise that the girl is having to lie and claim she doesn't know [boy] so that he isn't bothered by her father and older protective brother putting him in danger. 

+ tell me i'm a wreck - every avenue
[girl] imagined her relationship was going be way more than it was. [boy] did care about her, he liked being friends with her... until they got together. then her bad side showed... nagging, whining, needy. he knows that if he really tried they could have made it work a little longer, but relationships aren't about delaying something you both know it inevitable.
[girl] is the kind of person who needs to know she has him all to herself, but that's not his style. [boy] is faithful, but only on his terms. he'll be a good boyfriend, but only as long he feels like it. [girl] claims him all for herself, guilts him into spending time with her, and when he finally gives up trying to maintain her extremely high standards, she claims he never cared about her, which they both know isn't true.

+ this is the end - the maine
[girl] lead [boy] on, and never did she actually give them a title or admit to anything they actually were. she left him wanting more and said they would be more but never really followed through with that. talk is cheap. he finally got fed up of falling for someone who didnt really want him. one year later, they run into each other - has she changed? 

[ will be adding more, these are just a few i had in mind c: ]
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