✞ Lana ✞ 
> Where: At Her and Brendon's Home in the Countryside
> When: July 20th, 2012
> Makeup / Hair : -
> Wearing: -

It had been a few months since Lana and Brendon had met for the first time at a party hosted by a bunch of recording companies including her own. Since then much had changed in her life and not in necessarily a negative way, in fact it was in a much more positive way than she was used to. Before they had parted their separate ways in the morning the two of them had exchanged their information so that they could stay in touch and stay true to their promises of finding a house with one another. It had been only a month after these promises that the two of them would find themselves living under the same roof in a Victorian style home in the country only an hour drive from New York City. The house had been perfect when she had first seen it and she knew it would be the perfect place to live. It was located in pretty much the middle of nowhere and had a long driveway surrounded by tall trees that led from the main road into the city towards the hidden away home which had a forest circling around it. Outside right next to the house was a little pond, or small lake as Lana usually called it. It was here that she liked to spend a lot of her wading around it the clean water. Her favorite part however had to be the gardens in the back where she spent a lot of time as well tending to them since they provided them with fresh fruit and vegetables which she absolutely adored. She loved the city but she was definitely a country girl at heart. Not only had her living arrangements changed but also her management. She now had a team that was fully dedicated to the real Lana instead of creating a fake one which would be received positively from the crowd with her girl next door looks and personality. Now her story was out there and although it hadn't been received positively by all she still had been praised by some for coming out with the truth of her pasts. The final big change in her life that had occurred over the past months was her relationship with Brendon which had managed to go quickly from a friendship to the best relationship she had ever had. Presently however the petite girl found herself setting a tray of pancakes and fresh fruit salad on the bedside table next to a still sleeping Brendon before she rolled in bed beside him and pulled the white sheets over her bare legs.
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