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[super short story but i needed to get up by the deadline.]

Name: Yasmine Lowe (23)
Hometown: Montreal,Quebec, Canada
Previous jobs: Dancer , Retail.
Bio: Yasmine has always being ambitious, initially her interested lied in becoming a professional dancer , something her strictly religious parents were against. So to found her career interest Yasmine got a job , nothing major just working in retail selling clothes , it was there she was offered a small modelling job for the brand. It was not a big deal just a few brochures here and there but it did get Yasmine attention which lead to more modelling jobs and eventually being signed B&M models. As Yasmine career begin to get bigger the distance between her and parents grew forcing her out of her home. Yasmine eventually gave up on been dancing , though she still dances, and decided to focus on modelling. At nineteen Yasmine moved to the states to continuing modelling. Yasmine worked hard to get noticed but it wasn't until she started dating famous actor Cooper Dominics . While that was good exposure Yasmine has always wanted to be known for her own achievements and she is hoping that working Victoria Secret's would get her the recognition she deserves.
Model: Lais Ribeiro


"All of your fans are following me on instagram now." I complained to Cooper as i eyed my ipad off. "I though they would stop after twitter. I mean come on your not even that famous." I said earning a pillow to the head.

"Thanks babe." he said sarcastically rolling his eyes at me slightly, "Maybe they are fans of your work?" he offered with a small smile , he knew how much it annoyed me that people just thought of me as his girlfriend. It wasn't like that was a bad thing but i've been working for so long now it would be nice to be known as Yasmine the model.

"Doubtful." I said frowning seeing a Cooper icon. Yeah definitely not my fans. 

"Oh cheer up. Your life isn't to bad is it?" he said coming to sit next to me and wrapping an arm around my shoulders and pulling me closer. "You're a successful model something most girls dream off and you live in New York with your super sexy boyfriend."

"Mhm." I said nodding in agreement while pointing out in my head all the things wrong with that statement. Not every girl dreamed of becoming a model, hell i didn't even want to become a model and sadly new york city wasn't in it best state right now , so technically the only accurate thing was i had a boyfriend or 'super sexy' boyfriend as Cooper put it.

"So when do you back to filming?" I asked him standing up and placing the ipad on the desk. "Sometime next week." He said with a shrug.

"Well that is helpful." I said sarcastically shaking my head a little. That was the problem with dating an actor , i never knew how long i had him for.

"Yaz don't get all moody about this. I deal with it when you jet around the world modelling." he said. "That's just how it goes."

I sighed and that really was how it goes , we would fly to be with each other unless we were both working , we had alot of skype dates and so many phone calls ruined by time zones but we somehow seemed to manage have a pretty normal relationship.

"I was just wondering when you have to leave." I said with a sigh , long distance relationship's suck. That was the truth of the matter. Any one who said they didn't are probably being cheated on right now.

"Hopefully not before you do that shot for VS , I am looking forward to that." He said throwing a cheeky wink.

"Your objectifying woman." I said "For all you know i could be working on their clothing line." 

"Well that would be a waste." he said pouting at me. "Oh shut up you wait till you do your next shirtless scene. There will be relentless teasing"

"Oh please Yaz you would probably to flustered to tease me. Unless it was another kinda tease and than maybe you will."

"Your to full of yourself." I said with a laugh. "And i should head off. I have a photo shoot to get to." 

"Send me some set photo's." He yelled out with a grin , "Or post it on twitter or instagram. Either."

"And how about no." I said grabbing my bag. "Wish me luck."

"You don't need it." he said before getting up and giving me a quick kiss "But good luck anyway."
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