So many things to sleep-drunkly ramble on. (really should go to bed, it's actually tomorrow, and I need sleep before getting up for school tomorrow)(basically fell asleep in German class, couldn't handle all the questions about what Kafka means)(no one knows what Kafka means)(not really)

1. The original draft of this had a picture of Siri Tollerod that actually looked perfect with everything throughout the complete metamorphosis that every single one of my sets goes through, but in the end, I just had to Sophie Touchet. I think it was a gorgeous coincidence that she happened to be "featured" recently on both Coco Rocha's Facebook page and Garance Doré's website, as I haven't checked either of those things in months. Isn't she lovely?!?!?

2) Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my very favorite books (though technically it's a novella or something) but I remain negatively ambiguous on the film. I dunno, Audrey Hepburn is really cute and wears the best clothes in it and everything is aesthetically pleasing, but I just don't really care for it. It's more than just the dopey happy ending, it just somehow totally bores me. I don't understand.

3. Spa tip: when your unnecessarily extra expensive salt and peppermint oil toothpaste accidentally squirts on the floor, use it as a face mask. It really burned that breakout on your forehead, it's either going to help your skin or give you a rash.

4. I feel so rude for being annoyed by this, but I can't help it. Today I apparently used "wir" instead of "ich" in a sentence I spoke in the presence of my little host sister. (That means I said "we" instead of "I.") She then gave me a little lesson, "Du kannst nicht wir da benutzen, weil du nur ein Person bist, darum musst du da ich benutzten." (Though of course she said it in perfect German.)(Actually that looks correct, but I wouldn't place a bet on it or anything.) I mean thank you??? I learned "wir" in maybe my third German lesson, and seeing as it literally translates to "we" in English, I'm very used to the concept and understand how it works, and I usually use it correctly. I have no idea how I made this mistake, because as she was correcting me, I couldn't remember saying that at all. It would have been one thing to say, "Whoops, Pearl, you should have said 'ich,' haha yaah you said 'wir,'" but to have to introduce the concept to me really bothered me. 

This is mostly because I know I've got to be making bigger mistakes that I don't even realize. Putting everything in the right order as you speak freely can be really difficult, especially with trying to put verbs at the end when they go at the end. I don't really do adjective endings or use the correct articles--this is what I need the most help with--because I simply don't know whether most nouns are der die or das, damnit. Why aren't you helping me with this??? Plus, yesterday I said "Teppich" maybe six times when I was baking cookies. Why did no one say anything? I kept telling people to eat carpet until I realized I meant "Teich." (may have spelled both these words wrong though) No one thought this was important?
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