Project Decorate: Casual Luxe With Christina Fluegge

If you've ever stumbled upon Christina Fluegge's home decor site, then you were probably drawn to her knack for highlighting clean, streamlined furnishings and design. The California-based triple threat (she's a designer, blogger and online shop owner) has a unique eye for style, which she describes as transitional, eclectic and personal.
Click through to find out more about her aesthetic and dream furnishings.
  • Vintage Luggage Home Decor
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    "What is one trick of the trade that everyone should know?
    CF: I always like to add a bit of vintage in a design to make it feel real and lived in." — @polyvore-editorial
    Vintage Luggage Home Decor
  • Assemblage shop
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    "Complete this sentence: "Every household should invest in a good..."
    CF: Good artwork that they like! It can elevate your space from average to special and creative." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Authentic Models Hondius Globe
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    "Where do you go for new ideas?
    CF: I find inspiration when I travel. The way people live is always amazing, and ancient architecture and details are always such an inspiration." — @polyvore-editorial
    A fabulous Hondius Globe. A fine replica of the original from 1627 on classic wooden stand with bronze fittings.
  • Dreaming in French
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    "Describe your dream house.
    CF: I tend to lean towards a French farmhouse/chateau in my dreams, with large trees, shutters, rustic ornate interiors and a gorgeous garden." — @polyvore-editorial
  • Norman Cherner Cherner® Armchair
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    "What home product would you love to own?
    CF: I'd love a couple of Cherner armchairs for my dining room. I've used them in projects many times but have never bought them for myself." — @polyvore-editorial
    Although a pioneer in prefab housing, Norman Cherner is best known for his molded plywood seating line he created for – and ultimately sued – the manufacturer, Plycraft. After telling Cherner that his design for what is now known as the Cherner® Chair (1958) had been scrapped, Plycraft’s owner continued to produce it, claiming himself as the designer. The Chair’s popularity soared when it appeared in Norman Rockwell’s 1961 painting “The Artist at Work” on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. While Plycraft agreed to pay Cherner royalties, the line was out of production by the early 1970s. Then Cherner’s sons formed the Cherner Chair Company to revive the designs and produce them as their father originally intended. Made in U.S.A. This original is an authentic, fully licensed product of Cherner Chair Company. Cherner Chair is a licensed trademark of Cherner Chair Company. Constructed of laminated plywood of graduating thicknesses, from 5 ply at the perimeter edge of the seat to 15 ply at the slender waist, the design possesses exceptional structural strength and dramatic sculptural beauty. The arm is a single solid piece of bent beech with a walnut stain.

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