Project Infinity Inspiration Images

This is just a collection of pictures that I've spent the last few days clipping for sets for @lunaofthemiste's Project Infinity OC Battle Group.
Admittedly, I was inspired by @the-forgotten-wolf's lovely collection for this group to find even more pictures that fit the story's general vibe. I tried to make sure that there was no overlap and that this was just a cool collection of some additional pictures for everyone's convenience - if there is some overlap, let me know!
This collection is partially a reference for me but mostly a resource for anyone who'd like some ideas/images for PI sets :)
I spent a long time rounding all of these pics up, so if you like more than one or two of the images, I'd really appreciate it if you'd like the whole collection!

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This is amazing, where the heck do you find these stuff?


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