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Project Polyvore **Battle**

Project Polyvore **Battle**
Moderated by rosesred and jenny-elle.
Check out our Hall of Fame: http://www.polyvore.com/project_polyvore_hall_fame/collection?id=1992396
Welcome to Season Four of Project Polyvore! (Based off Project Runway). We're looking for the next top set maker! This is a battle group. 20 finalists will get through auditions and then there will be 12 contestants, 8 Challenges and one lucky winner!
~Please enter! It'd ruin all the fun if you just signed up not to enter. If you are going on vacation TELL ME (@jenny-elle) and I'll see what I can do
~If you are eliminated or not in this season please do not enter the contests, it's just confusing and annoying
~NO templates
~Be respectful, nice and appropriate. You know how to act, act that way. I'm not even talking profanity and such just don't be mean and/or a sore loser and anything along those lines...
~If you need an extension let me (@jenny-elle) know BEFORE the contest (ex: if you're going away on vacation). If something happens after the contest has already started I will post an extension if 3 or more people have not entered (in later rounds) or if you message me before the contest ends and 2 or more people have not entered.
~Old sets are allowed but if you get 1rst place with that set you cannot get first place with it again (even if it is from a different season).
1rst place:
-ALL your sets liked
-ALL collections liked
-Follow from all mods
2nd place:
-Half of collections liked (we round up)
3rd place:
-5 collections liked
Each round will be based loosely on the challenges of a season of project runway (depending on what season we're on). I will try and base it as closely as possible including the twists! Of course you won't be able to go to parties and things but you will get special prizes and I haven't decided yet but MAYBE immunity!(:
o1. Auditions: 12 winners, 20 make it through.
o2. Semi-Finals: 12 winners, 12 make it through.
o3. Challlenge 1: 10 winners, 10 make it through
o4.Challenge 2: 5 winners, 9 make it through.
o5.Challenge 3: 5 winners, 8 make it through.
o6.Challenge 4: 5 winners, 7 make it through.
o7.Challenge 5: 3 winners, 6 make it through.
o8.Challenge 6: 3 winners, 5 make it through.
o9.Challenge 7: 2 winners, 4 make it through.
10. Challenge 8: 3 winners, 3 make it through.
11. Finale!: 1 winner!
Season 4 contestants:
Season 1 winner: @shouaaa
2nd- @rosesred 3rd-@arianagrande595
Season 2 winner: @mari-moon
2nd-@lovisarx 3rd-@arianagrande595
Season 3 winner: @sisistyle
2nd-@mari-moon 3rd-@lala-love-cuteez
  • 171 members
  • 861 sets