Congrats on making it to the fourth round, ladies! Your fourth challenge is “Through the Decades”. You will each be assigned a specific time era. With the model you’re assigned, you will design fashion based on the time era you’re given. So for example, if you’re assigned the 1980’s – 1990’s, you’ll design an outfit that has influences from that era. We want you to modernize the look and make it your own though. BE CREATIVE!
NOTE: For those of you who are assigned the 1960’s – 1970’s…we realize you just did a Coachella theme- which is heavily inspired by the 70’s fashion scene. You can choose to do a boho like outfit if you would like, or draw from other influences in that area. The 60’s used a lot of big and bold prints. We won’t take points off if you use the boho theme again.

NOTE 2: If any of you need help with inspiration, I created a collection including inspiration and fashion from each era. Please check it out and feel free to use any of the items:
As always, you can message any of the judges for assistance. Also message me if I forgot to assign you a model.

1. Design a doll with your assigned model.
2. Create attire based off of the decade you were assigned. 
3. In the text part, briefly explain your inspiration, how you modernized it, and how your style is a part of the design.
4. Also in the text part, designate which model you'd like to use in the next challenge if you are the winner. 
5. Submit to group and contest when it it up. All sets are due by 10PM Eastern time on April 29th.


[1920’S – 1930’S]
+ Elaine Augustine (@elaine-elizabethxo) – FIONA LEMAIRE
+ Sarah Monroe (@sarahstardom) – CHANEL TAYLOR
+ Cassidy Lamprecht (@expiredsunshine) – THEIA PARK

[1940’S – 1950’S]
+ Henna Chaudry (@henna-enjoys-the-little-things) – MARTHA PETRANOVA
+ Jacklyn Tran (@the-glamourai) – = INGRID HIRSCH
+ Emmanuelle Monroe (@jolieenrose) – SHELBY YOUNG

[1960’S – 1970’S]
+ Hannah Bellmont (@hannahbbmmiller) – ELSA MOISDON
+ Cassandra Lim (@rockets-and-rainbows) –EMILIE POIS
+ Eliza Logan (@flowersforalice) – HELENA OLDFATHER

[1980’S – 1990’S]
+Anahelena Meier (@anahelenaliveshere) –LAUREN TAYLOR
+Lauren Simone (@tokyoparis) – SIDNEY MILLER 
+Rae Callahan-Clark (@little-miss-rae) – HYEJUNG LONG
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