CYCLE TWO: In Progress
Do you think you have what it takes to be the world's next top designer? Individuals from around the world will come to New York City for a ten week period to compete for the one million dollar prize and the title of top designer. Will your style be innovative enough against the other contestants? We’re looking for creativity, freshness, and overall composure of your outfits. If you think you qualify and have the ambition to win, we would be glad to take a look at your designs.

-DOLLS only. If you don’t know how to make dolls and still want to audition, PM a moderator. Judging won’t necessarily be done based on the quality of the doll. We’re looking more at the overall design and creative aspect.
-One set per week for the challenge. If you fail to submit a set, you will be automatically eliminated.
-No copying other’s designs.
-If you’re eliminated and/or in the bottom three, we ask that you not get angry with us. There has to be one winner, so people have to be eliminated. No hard feelings. If this group is successful, we will have multiple cycles. We invite you to take part in those.
- You can still participate if you were a part of a previous cycle.

-Each week, you’ll be given a specific theme. Based off of the theme, you must create an outfit. We will judge based off creativity, innovativeness, how well it relates to your designing style, and overall look.
-You will be assigned models to work with each week. You may not change who is assigned to you. This will be the model you use in your set for the challenge.
-Each week there will be a top 3 and a bottom 3-5. The person who wins the challenge will have the opportunity to choose the model they would like to use for the next challenge. Depending on how many people join the group, each week 1-2 people will be eliminated.

+Emily Porcello (Empor Designs)
+Larissa Mercer (Evermore)
+Emmanuelle Monroe (M24)
-YOU are the designer. Choose a model/celebrity that you’ve been told or you think you look like. You will not use this model often other than your audition and maybe one or two other challenges. If you feel the need to use one of the models from the reserved models collection, PM a mod and we’ll work it out.
-Create a doll in a set with YOUR model (not one of the one’s you’ll be assigned for challenges). Make sure the doll is wearing clothes that you “designed”.
-Create a portfolio with a picture(s) of you (the model you choose to represent yourself) and the clothing that is a part of your label to show us your design style.
-Fill out the bio form (below this) and attach it to the set. Submit your set to the group and contest if there is one up.
★Name★ (Use your own first name! Make up a last name.)
★What's your everyday style?★
★Type of clothing you design?★
★If you could describe your design style in one word, what would it be?★
★What colors do you use and wear the most?★
★Favorite designer?★
★Article of clothing you cannot live without?★
★What makes you different from the other designers?★
★Which celebrities do you think have the best style?★
★If you could style anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?★
★What is the thought process behind your designs?★
★What type of themed challenge would you like to see?★
★If you won the million dollar prize, what would you do with the money?★
★Portfolio★ (link to collection here)
★Model★ (model you choose to represent yourself)
★Taken by★

Cycle One: Emmanuelle Monroe (@jolieenrose)
Cycle Two:


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