Seoul Mate 

last days have been really busy so I haven't been able to update Seoul Mate but I wrote something earlier and I'm trying to finish next chapter now, so hopefully you'll have next part of this story soon! ^^


As May made her way out of the director’s office, G smiled brightly opening his arms to hug her tightly. The girl had tears on her eyes and all her tiredness finally showed up when her legs started to tremble, her best friend simply kissed her forehead and put an arm around her shoulders as she buried her head on his chest.

“I’m so proud of you!” He exclaimed with a big smile crossing his face and his voice full of joy.

“I can’t believe it! I just… I… We…” Suddenly her smile vanished and next second G found himself trying to stop May from falling onto the floor.


“Hey! I think she’s finally awake!” A voice shouted and G entered May’s room almost running.

“You idiot! I almost died of fright!” The guy complained as he sat on the edge of the bed. May opened her eyes slowly, still confused and trying to remember what exactly happened.

“We were so worried!” Zsuzsi said as she carefully touched May’s forehead as if she would suddenly show any sign of illness.

“The doctor sedated you, he said you needed some rest” G explained as his boyfriend stepped into the room.

“My God, May! You almost killed all of us, we were so worried!” He kneeled next to the bed to examine her face. May simply rubbed her eyes as she let out a heavy yawn.

“Bad girl!” Zsuzsi slapped May’s arm softly “Next time you decide to overwork yourself make sure to at least eat something!” 

“I’m sorry I worried you guys” May finally spoke, her voice unusually soft.

“The important thing is you’re fine now” Someone else said as May turned her head slowly to see Suho standing by the door, holding a tray of food.

“What is he doing here?” She asked in a whisper to G’s boyfriend.

“I came here cause Zsuzsi was with me when G called her, and I’m missing my practice for you, so you better stop complaining!”Suho pointed out making May smile. “Sit down! And eat this!” May sat on the bed with the help of Zsuzsi and G’s boyfriend. “Stupid girl, working like crazy and not eating properly!” Suho continued to scold May as she weakly tried to smile.

“But you know what?” G said when minutes later all of them were sitting in the living room, May with her head resting on her best friend’s shoulder. “Actually this happened for good” May looked up to her friend “Now that we’re all here, it’s the perfect moment to announce something” He stood up and headed to May’s mini bar, with Zsuzsi’s help he poured down some wine for everyone and handed a glass of transparent liquid to each one “May’s collection was finally approved and next month we’ll have her creations on a store in the fashion district!” He said as the rest of them shouted exclamations excitedly.

“Actually is our collection the one you’re talking about” May corrected as she stood up and walked to G.

“But you’ve done most of the hardest part and you’re the one who has worked day and night, I think it’s fair to give you all the credit. I’ve just been a helper” May put an arm around G’s waist and kissed his cheek. 

“Thank you” G looked at her and hugged her again.

“I’m proud of you, you’re the best” He said.

“Ok, ok, enough of this!” Suho exclaimed as he and Zsuzsi hugged May and G’s boyfriend put an arm around his shoulders.

“You guys need to stop acting like a couple, I’m going to be jealous otherwise!” He said. “But whatever, I think we have to celebrate this now, what about a party? Since I missed your house warming reunion, I must make it up for you, what do you think, May?”
The girl simply nodded as Suho snatched the glass of wine from her hands and pushed her down to the sofa. Before May could protest the doorbell rang and G’s boyfriend ran to open the door. To his surprise three handsome guys were standing there, all of them with the confusion drawn on their faces.

“Hyung! I told you it was the other door!” Dongho complained as Soohyun rolled eyes.

“Come on! There was no one but an old woman there!” Kiseop said as Soohyun continued to show his annoyance.

“I’m sorry but… who are you?” G’s boyfriend cleared his throat and asked raising an eyebrow.

“Well, we… we’re…” Before Kiseop could reply G sneaked behind his boyfriend.

“You’re on the wrong floor” G said smirking.

“Who is it?” May suddenly appeared, peeking through the open door.

“Oh! It’s her!” Dongho exclaimed.

“What the…?” May started but stopped at once. “You know what, guys, Jaeseop’s apartment is on the sixth floor” She kindly said, 

“We know” Soohyun laughed at all the confusion.


“We’re here to meet you…” He continued to explain, but his speech was cut again when the elevator opened and a blond man stepped into the hall.

“Oh! You found her!” He said, as he pointed to May “Isn’t she Soohyun’s girl?”

“Soohyun’s girl?” Two voices asked behind May.

“As far as I know she’s Jaeseop’s girl” G blurted out, gaining a slap on the head from his best friend and laughs from his boyfriend, U-KISS members and Zsuzsi 

“Shut up!” May complained. 

“Hey, can’t you be a little bit less noisy?” Suho snapped as he lifted his upper lip.

“As always EXO umma, being such an…” Zsuzsi was saying when Soohyun stopped her.

“Zsuzsi?” He asked recognizing her.

“Oh! Great! Such a nice friends reunion!” Suho said ironically.

“A little bit of kindness wouldn’t hurt” Dongho sarcastically added.

“And now I wish I had harmony’s salt!” May said confusing everybody.

“Harmony what?” G’s boyfriend asked

“Something she probably saw while watching Sabrina, the teenage witch” G clarified “She has been obsessed over it recently”.

“Ok, ok, stop it, I think U-KISS members are not here to hear about old sitcoms, can you explain me what the hell is going on?” May asked to Eli, who seemed to be the only one able to properly talk in that moment.

“Oh! Yeah… do you know Jaeseop’s birthday is coming up soon, right?” 

“Well, actually I didn’t have idea, but what about that?”

“We know you’re kind of close” Kiseop dared to say.

“Close?” May laughed, “Well, in fact we’re…”

“Good friends! They’re good friends!” Zsuzsi cut off her friend. 

“No, we’re not friends!” May tried to spoke but G’s boyfriend interrupted her.

“So, it’s his birthday and…?”

“We’re planning a surprise party for him” Dongho finally talked, his voice still annoyed and his eyes glaring at Suho.

“And so what?” Suho inquired, raising an eyebrow and throwing glares to U-KISS members.

“Since it’s a surprise, we were wondering…” Soohyun spoke, his eyes fixed on Zsuzsi.

“You want to do the party here, right?” G said, understanding their intentions.

“Well… we… in fact, yeah, that’s it” Eli looked directly to May’s eyes, “If you allow us, of course” He pleaded. The girl hesitated for a moment, Suho, standing next to her slightly shook his head.

“I… I don’t think it’s a very good idea” She finally said after a short silence on which everybody turned their gazes to her, Suho’ smiled triumphal, but his smile disappeared after hearing May’s next words “But you came all the way here and I can’t say no” Eli smiled widely as Soohyun thanked her and Dongho and Kiseop started to excitedly mumble random words.

“We can take advantage of it to celebrate the success with the collection! Let’s invite J and Jameel, and we can also…” G was saying but his boyfriend poked him with the elbow.

“Sorry, he usually gets too excited” May sighed “So, it’s a deal, you can make Jaeseop’s party here.” She giggled gaining a glare from Suho.

“Apparently you’re feeling better now!” He said before slightly pushing her on his way out of the house.

“Oh boy! So much drama lately” G’s boyfriend sighed as everybody else followed Suho with the eyes.

@nyamnyam unnie, I just hope you don't mind I used you in this chapter... if I wrote something wrong about your character just let me know so i can correct it lol ^^
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