I arrived at prom, of course, alone, but in a beautiful pink gown, which made it all better.

I danced to stupid songs, laughed, sang, and watched the DJ practically pick his nose.


But the fun came later.
"Hell yeah!" I squealed as Henry and I raced eathother down the beach toward where Al and Bea sat. I tripped just as i got there, beating him, and plopped down next to Al, panting heavily. "Sucker!" I screamed at him, as he sat beside me. 

"Oh babe, don't be frontin', you couldda had all o' dis." He slurred, sounding like a drunken rapper, and poiting to himself.

"Well, I won. So, no, its you who could of had this." I laughed. Now that the tension was gone, I had found he was fanstic to joke around with.

"Alright, enough, you too. Its prom night, so either get into eachother's pants or get out." Al said solemly, then chugged her Sam Adams and threw the can across the beach.

"Hey!" I smacked her arm. "Way to be eco-friendly."

"Yeah, whatever. I'm gonna go find someone with weed and better booze. See ya," She stumbled off, and Bea followed her. Henry and i were alone.

"You're pretty," he sang, sipping his own beer.

"Thank you," I matched his tone.

We spent the rest of the night sitting there and laughing hystericly about absolutely nothing, which i thought was a fantasic way to spend my prom night.
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Wrote 7 years ago
- allegra

Wrote 7 years ago
You two had fun, huh?
I might not be that good when it comes to boys, but I know them quite well, and I really think Henry likes you :D
You should go for it
- Bea

Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago



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