Hey lovies!!! How’s it going? Well, for one, its PROM SEASON!! This set is full of tips/past mistakes people often make at prom. Hope you find it helpful!!! 
The Dress: 
Most girls get the biggest, most extravagant gown out there. And while I love those types of dresses myself, these dresses may not be functional for prom. I would recommend a shorter dress, with straps or not (depending on your comfort level). This will be more comfortable and easier to maintain throughout the night. Who else has seen those long, beautiful dresses get ruined because people keep stepping on it, or the girl herself trips over it? Another thing to consider when picking a dress is the color. You should choose a color that is perfect for your skin tone. I’m rather tan, so I would wear a white/off-white color. Also notice how the detailing is in a contrasting color (black), which will enhance your appearance. Make sure that the dress has a figure that is flattering to your body type, as well. I would pick a dress with a cinched-in waist to give the appearance of an hour-glass figure. 
For prom, girls usually get the high-stilettos and pumps to accessorize their outfit with. However, you don’t need heels to dress-up your look. I’m pretty tall in my grade, and wearing heels while dancing with a boy is awkward. So, I would opt for flats. Not only are they perfect for tall people; they make you feel super comfortable, especially if you are going to dance all night long. The way to make flats work is by choosing a shoe with a little bit of sparkle and shine. 
This is a very overlooked, but very important part of your perfect prom ensemble. For the most part during prom, girls most likely want to look girly and feminine. The best way to achieve this look is to wear small, delicate pieces of jewelry. DO NOT wear too many bangles or very heavy, intense jewelry. Not only does it look unattractive, but it will also be a pain to wear for the entire evening. You should also make sure to balance your jewelry. You don’t want to wear long, statement earrings with a bib necklace and a bunch of arm candy. Try to find an area of jewelry (like your necklace) to focus on, and then wear smaller pieces with it. If your ears are pierced, I recommend diamond studs not only because they go with everything, but because they add sophistication/glamour to your outfit without adding to much attention to themselves. Also pay attention to the metals of your jewelry and make sure it is cohesive with your outfit. 
This is a very important part of prom night, too. Just because it is prom, does not mean you have to cake the makeup on. The best look for prom is a soft, natural look. It is a very good idea to wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner. This is usually longer lasting than regular mascara and eyeliner. Wearing mascara and eyeliner is also a great way to define your eyes and polish your look. I recommend liquid eyeliner. For your face, you want to make sure to keep your face matte and photo-friendly. Use a light foundation, concealer, powder, or whatever your skin regime is, but make sure that the products specifically say “photo-friendly” or “photo-ready,” etc. Another good idea is too bring your most important makeup items in your bag/clutch. I would recommend your eyeliner, mascara, and lip product. You may also want to bring make-up remover/wipes and blotting papers. The make-up wipes are for unseen makeup disasters, and the blotting wipes are to keep your face matte, especially if you have oily skin. 
All in all, prom is your night girl! So do whatever you really want to do, but make sure you do it in moderation…Happy Prom! 
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