Prom for Constance

Constance McMillan, a high-schooler in Mississippi, was denied the experience of her prom because she wanted to bring her girlfriend as a date. First, the school board canceled prom for everyone, and then parents organized a private prom and did not invite Constance and her girlfriend. Instead, they sent her to an alternate fake prom, along with 5 other students who they had also apparently deemed unsuitable for regular prom.

Show your support for Constance by making sets that show what prom SHOULD HAVE been like for Constance and the other fake prom attendees. All sets submitted to this contest will be posted to a facebook fan page and a link will be sent to Constance. The winning set will be the main photo for the page.

I've made a collection of photos of Constance for your convenience:

If you'd like to show your support, but don't want to compete in the contest, send me (jooniper) a link to your 'Prom for Constance' sets and I will post them to the facebook page once it is up.

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