This is Kai being adorable Jongin version.

There're a cute story behind the pic on right hand.
i called it " Kai's pinky promise "
on Jan,26 EXO were attended to Oak Valley Winter Festival Concert
Jan,26 Growl Live:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-Enziv9jEQ

After EXO perform 2 songs fans went crazy and keep pushing forwards no surprise right?
MC keep telling fans do not pushing each other but seemed like no one listen to MC.
Kai who waiting for his line at backstage seeing the situation went crazy so just like picture above.
he show himself at backstage and rise his pinky promise to fans do not push "promise me" and fans calm down.

I knew sounded stupid but i my heart went babum when i read the article about Kai pinky promise,noona planet Kai's fan web told us Jongin is the real cutie pie and caring towards fans a lot,he also down on earth even though he's too shy at first place. why this guy is so cute and has kind heart of course handsome too.
surely fans love him and me too love him like always.

omo~ my face turning to the many shades of red:)
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