I love the mint and pale blue shades! Reminds me of summer =) So I found a quiz on Tumblr, not sure if it's ever been on Poly before or not. I'm not going to tag people in it, if you want to do please do. I think I'm going to call it....'The Opinion Quiz'...Not like I have the right to call it anything really, I didn't make it afterall, just randomly found it ha. So yeepp:

1. Have you ever: 
1. Skipped class? Only once ;)
2. Done drugs? No, unless caffeine classed as drug?
3. Self harmed? Nope
4. Drank? Yes, don’t worry kids, I’m 21
5. Shoplifted? No
6. Gotten a tattoo? Yes, song lyrics on my wrist :) 
7. Broken up with someone? No

What’s your favorite: 
8. Show? Argghh….too many to list here! Top 2 are Supernatural and….Charmed
9. Movie? Again, too many haa. Beetlejuice and Cinderella are up there at the top though (I know, weird combo!)
10. Song? AGAIN toooo many….I guess of the moment though, ‘Explosions’ By Ellie Goulding 
11. Tumblr? I have lots of favs. Fav of the moment is drowninginpearls.tumblr.com….check it out, it’s awesome
12. Singer/Band? Taylor Swift, Bon Iver, Carrie Underwood, Paramore, Ben Howard….the list goes on…and on…
13. Memory? When I was about 6 and I went on holiday to the most beautiful little cottage in Cornwall, with my Mum & Granma. I smile every time I think about that week; just amazing.
14. Book? Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games…..(I’m such a cliché!) But again, the list goes on!

This or that: 
15. Invisibility or Ability to fly? That’s a tough one! Ermmm….I guess the ability to fly :)
16. Cookies or Cake? Cookies..yummmm!
17. Twitter or Facebook? I guess FB….just because none of my family is on Twitter, yet they all are on FB
18. Movies or Books? Now that, is an impossible question….I love them both too most, can’t pick! 
19. Coke or Sprite? Sprite
20. Blind or Deaf? What kind of question is this? As someone who’s lived for 21 years neither blind or death, either would be horrific!
21. Tea or Coffee? Tea; always! Although I do love my latte’s/starbucks  

What’s your: 
22. Age? 21 (who still acts, looks and thinks like a 14 year old most the time)
23. Sign? Aries/Taurus….Born on a cusp 
24. Height? 5’5” 
25. Sexual orientation? Strait
26. Shoe size? 5/6
27. Religion? Protestant. I both believe in, and love God. 
28. Longest relationship? Hahahahaha, I’m not answering this, you’ll all think I’m some kind of insecure, prude! LOL….I actually kind of am….insecure that is, I’m no prude :) 

Opinion on: 
29. Gay rights? Love is love. One of my sisters is a lesbian, and my best friend is gay, answer the question? :) 
30. Second chances? It depends. Most times, yes. Because after all, everyone makes mistakes, and no one is perfect.
31. Long distance relationships? I believe they have as much of a chance as non long distance relationships. If it’s true love, then nothing should get in it’s way.
32. Abortion? I don’t agree with it in the slightest. 
33. The death penalty? I have a very long opinion on death penalty. Long story short, I don’t agree with it. If someone has committed a crime so bad that death penalty is an option, then shouldn’t die at all, that’s too easy. They should be kept alive to suffer with their own guilt. And I don’t think taking a life is ever the answer. 
34. Marijuana? I’ve seen people smoke it with both bad and not so bad consequences. For that reason, sometimes I think it’s harmless, other times I think it’s as evil as any other drug. 
35. Love? I kind of think that love makes the world go round. It has the ability to both make you, and break you. I’m total hopeless romantic :) I can’t help but think most times, it’s beautiful. 

Do you: 
36. Believe in ghost? Yes! If you lived in my very haunted, old house…you would understand why! 
37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? Away
38. Sleep with the door opened or closed? Closed.
39. Love someone? Yes :) Love doesn’t have to just be a romantic thing don’t forget
40. Still watch cartoons? Erm..yeah! I watch Spongebob with my nieces alllll the time! It’s like a ritual every time I baby sit them hahahaha! Plus, I love going on Youtube and watching the old 90’s cartoons; they were thee best.
41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No, I don’t :/ I’m not very lucky when it comes to these things. I’m far too fussy, so I let opportunities go quite a lot. 
42. Like yourself? Sometimes…depends what kind of mood I’m in….I dunno

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