i stole this from @lillyisabanana cx

okay so basically whoever answers all the questions right gets to be in my bio / description for a few weeks or forever idk yet. x'D

you should be able to find all of the answers in my previous sets, except for bonus questions that you have to guess on. :3

01;; which country do i live in?
a. ireland
b. united states
c. england
d. portugal

02;; what part of my body did i just have surgery on?
a. heel
b. knee
c. left ankle
d. right ankle

03;; what fall sport do i play?
a. volleyball
b. cross country
c. soccer
d. lacrosse

04;; what concert am i going to in june?
a. justin bieber
b. one direction
c. taylor swift
d. ed sheeran

05;; when is my birthday?
a. december 14th
b. august 9th
c. april 3rd
d. january 9th

however many bonus questions you get right, is the amount of times you get to be tagged in my next sets.
ex; get one right, get tagged in one set.
get two right, get tagged in two sets.
get three right, tagged in three sets.

*01;; what is the last book i read?
a. the fault in our stars
b. the perks of being a wallflower
c. thirteen reasons why
d. catching fire

*02;; what am i eating while i write these questions?
a. cookies
b. pizza
c. twizzlers
d. muffins

*03;; what two cd's did i buy last time i was at target?
a. taylor swift 'red' and justin bieber 'believe'
b. ed sheeran '+' and taylor swift 'red'
c. ed sheeran '+' and justin bieber 'believe'
d. i didn't buy cd's last time i was at target.

this will go on until someone gets all of the first 5 questions right! good luck! c:

xo, kayla. ♥
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