Madalaine puts on a lavender shirt and tan pants for work. As she slips on her black heels, Louis calls her down. 
"Mad? Breakfast's ready."
Madalaine rushes downstairs because she knows how Louis is such a good cook. "Morning, love." She misses Louis then sits down at one of the chairs of their kitchen. 
"I made you breakfast." Louis sets a plate in front od Madalaine. She inhales and smells the bacon and french toast with syrup. 
"Smells delicious." Madalaine digs in right away. 
"Oh, one other thing." Lou grabs something off the counter that Madalaine doesn't get a chance to see. He walks over to where she's sitting and gets down on one knee. 
"What are you doing" Madalaine asks with her mith full. Her heart begins to race, anticipating ehat's going to happen next. 
"Just tying my show. What else?" Lou looks at his shoe then ties it.
"oh." Madalaine has a disappointed tone in her voice and continues eating.
"Babe, I'm just kidding! Marry me?" Louis takes out a box and opens it. Inside is a ruby ring.
"Yes!" Madalaine stands up and kisses Lou, not caring if there's any food on her face.
After Madalaine finished eating, she went to work feeling happier than ever
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