Set the world on fire // Black Veil Brides 

Had an... interesting day, fallen out with like all of my friends, made up with half of them, and at war with the other half. I dont like it when my school friends are mean to my best friend (She doesnt go to my school) so i deffend her cos she isnt there to defend herself, they think its all a joke, they don't know what its like to be her, no one does, so when they make fun of her for her weight or for her self harming IM GUNNA EFFING STAND UP FOR HER!!! 
Nice to know who your real friend are isnt it?? obviously its not the ones who make fun of my best friend -.-
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Alternative and loving it! c:

Alternative and loving it! c:

This group is for anyone really but it would help if you're alternative! E.g. Into piercings, tattoos, awesome genres of music like metalcore/metal, hardcore, stuff like that etc or emo/scene/grunge!
My idea of putting this group together was because there isn't enough awesome groups that haven't been like, abandoned when it comes to doing contests and whatnot! c:
I will be doing contests based on all different things so don't feel restricted to join! Everyone is welcome! :) <3

☠ Creepin' It Real ☠

☠ Creepin' It Real ☠

Aloha fellow earthlings & welcome to the group for those who like to 'Creep Things Real' :]
☠ Goth | Scene | Pastel | Cyber | Punk | Emo | SteamPunk | Deathrock | Gore | Visual Kei | Fantasy | Japanese Street Fashion | Rockabilly ☠


Any band you choose!

Any band you choose!

172 sets from 17 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Any band, any type of set.

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