just started reading Proverbs and am loving it :) 
I heard someone say a long time ago that if you arent happy, you arent focusing on the right things, that you arent listening to God. 

Lately, i have been learning just how true that really is. 

So i am trying to be way more diligent in reading my Bible and actually studying it. and i am actually having a blast doing so! I feel like a LOT of things are starting to fall into place as of late, and cant help thinking it is not just a coincidence. :) 

Not trying to be preachy, but seriously.. i hope you all can know this joy and share in the joy of having a heavenly father!! :D

Today, being the first day of starting Proverbs. I just looked through the concordance and the notes in my Bible. I dont really know what other people do, but my memory is really bad when it comes to whos who and whats what.. so i like to start by getting some idea of who the author is and what style of writing lay ahead. 

So Proverbs is written by various people, but a lot of it is by Solomon. Obviously, there are a lot of proverbs in Proverbs! All sorts of lovely bits about how to live wise and righteous, and skillfully; basically by being a God fearing person. (Now.. the whole idea of 'God fearing' is something that, i have heard used so many times, but never really had explained. SO i looked into it further. It pretty much means just living life right and for God. Something that would mean a pretty disciplined life, but that would be totally worth it. Through worship, respect, service, trust, obedience, and revering God.)

I love words. and something i thought was sort of beautiful was the word hokmah. It's the word for wisdom and appears 45 times in Proverbs! It is used for a person who is skilled. So in this context, it is about a person who is knowledgeable and experienced in following God's way! 
So, if you're wise, you are skilled in godly living and are living a life in a God-honoring way! 

Proverbs talks a lot about wisdom. it is written poetically and with a lot of metaphors, symbols, and that sort of thing. So im expecting a lot more beautiful words and little bits. The very last section is all about being a noble wife, so im looking forward to that too! 

Like this verse in the set.. living a God fearing life, we will appear strong and with dignity! 

It seems to come down to this.. life's choices are pretty clear cut. The world, especially now, is making it so hard to remember that and even to think it is true. But really, it comes down to right and wrong, dark and light. That, even thought it is going to be so incredibly difficult, living a God fearing life is something we should all strive to do. And something that will give more rewards than we could ever imagine! Both here and in eternity! :)

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