It was a cloudy morning but Paris still looked mesmerizing. It was something in the air, something which just made your lungs breathe wider and your mouth shape a smile without you even realizing.

Paris was different from London.

Paris was la creme de la creme. The best of the best.

Paris smelt of freedom and poetry.

Vaya Leya Aguamentis poundered over this as she paced across the wide square that led to the Louvre Museum. The light was a surreal mixture of sepia and silver, and despite the cup of coffee that the young blonde shadowhunter carried in one hand, she felt wide awake.

Studying here in Paris was deffinitely a clever move on her part. Ever since a mission in London went wrong (too many monsters, too little time), taking a break from her old life was the best way to heal an unhealing wound. She studied Journalism and Fashion. It sounded cliché, but visual therapy was strangely soothing, and she was gifted at it. Gifted at noticing unusual design, judging the quality of material, and unpredictable but classic in assembling outfits. She exceeded at it, and framing thoughts into words was quickly turning into her speciality.

She now sat down on a bench which overlooked the tall glass pyramids, and pulled out the most recent book she was reading: "Memoirs Of A Geisha". It reminded her a lot of the hardships of being a Shadowhunter, but it was a healing process as much as being interesting.

After a long moment of reading a few pages, she glanced up and stared at Paris, content with being by herself.


Name: Vaya Leya Aguamentis
Age: 17
Creature: Shadowhunter
Bio: Vaya has always been a bit of a wall flower: there, but not really noticeable. She had two older brothers, who took up most of the attention, leaving her very little (she used to think they would suck the attention right out of the room whenever they went anywhere). Therefore, she had a sheltered childhood spent reading, studying and training. She started getting confidence when she won the annual Best Young Female Shadowhunter prize for the national games competition, ranking first in the 14-15 age group. And from then, she started getting attention little by little. At first it was just her parents, then family friends, and later even Shadowhunter strangers! She's not Miss Popularity, of course, although people will often know who you're refering to when you say her name. She's pretty, but she doesn't boast about it as if she's still self-conscious with herself. 
Extra: - turned 17 a few weeks ago, and so is going through the usual “I should act more mature than normal” phase
-has had the biggest crush on an older family friend since... ever. Of course, she can't show that or her family will be disappointed and upset. And who says he's into her anyway? Exactly.
-trying to get over the forementioned family friend. Who IS aged fourty-something.
-lithe and quick fighting style. One of the many very-skilled female Shadowhunters out there.
-personality: quiet, sweet and sometimes insecure. Her quietness hides enthusiasm, slight geekiness, a willingness to live life to the extremes, and an intellectual capacity which might surprise many.
-fights best with katana swords (very useful when it comes to hacking, chopping and slicing.. Hollywood-style) and agile hand-to-hand combat. Flexible and quick-witted in combat.
-nicknamed "Galileo" much to her annoyance.
Model: Romme Strjid


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