It was late after a concert as Demi sat on the couch in the tour bus with the boys. She chewed on her lip asshe thought, unable to sleep she wondered if Nick was awake or not. But she soon figured he was probably sleep due to him always being tired and falling right asleep after any concerts they had. On the other hand Joe would be up for about a half hour all pumped up and then he'd finally calm down and fall asleep. She didnt know which one she would prefer but she didnt mind either one. She did have to deal with both, being that she was dating Joe yet she was sneaking around with Nick since they had feelings for each other. While the world thought Demi and Joe were in love in reality it was really Nick and Demi who were in love. Demi never knew how to handle the situation of being with Joe and sneaking around with Nick so she normally let the relationship drift as it normally did. She took a deep breath pulling the sleeves to her sweater more over her hands and the bottom down her legs to keep more warm as she thought.
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