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-Hana- a brand on it's own. She was well known in the high society, mostly by the men. Well, that was her job, to "escort" them, to do whatever they pleased, if the price was right. You could say that she was the best payed "lover" in town. She did have some good clients, some well payed ones. Company bosses, business men, well known architects, lawyers, whatever you could imagen, as long as they got a lot of money. It was all just physically. Love? She never had felt such thing and she didn't want to. She couldn't love someone. A relationship meant stopping her job, and she couldn't do that. She got payed really well, she could have whatever she wanted because of her job, a penthouse, a nice car, clothes, shoes, jewelry and so much more, just everything she wanted. She couldn't stop her job, so it just meant, no love, no relationship.

Hana (I just liked her name, so you can choose his name :p) woke up at like 1pm, her days only started in the evenings, so waking up in the afternoon was nothing new to her. She got up, took a shower, ate something and then started to prepare herself for the night. She'd go to a club with her friends, just the usual evenings. She put everything in her purse what she needed and left her penthouse. She got into her car and drove off, she's always drive, she wasn't really into drinking alcohol,and even if so, it would just be one small drink, nothing too extreme. She got out of the car and handed her keys to one of the guys at the entrance of the club and smiled at him "Thanks" She walked into the club and already felt the heat hit her body and the music creep into her ears. She ran a hand through her hair and let it flow wavy over her shoulders. As she started to walk over to the VIP area she noticed the looks she'd get, girls usually would give her glares and boys would look after her but could never have her. She walked past some group of guys and smirked at them "Guys" She greeted them and winked at them as she continued to walk over tot he VIP area and already was welcomed by her friends. She pecked their cheeks and talked for a little while, before she noticed one of the guys from the group earlier walk up to VIP area, and he was let inside, which confused her. She turned back to her friend and continued to talk, but soon heard someone clear their throat behind her and her friend looked over. Hana turned her body slightly to look at the young man and raised her eyebrow slightly "Yes?" She let her eyes wander up and down his body and let them stop at his face again. He was well dressed, not too classy but not too "normal" and he had beautiful clear eyes, but it still confused her why such a young man would talk to her? Everyone knew her, barely any guy younger than 30 would even dare to talk to her, but yet here he was.
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Wrote two years ago
Hana got a little nervous as Chris stayed silent and just stared into her eyes, she wasn't sure if he was mad or upset or anything else. But after a few seconds the worry vanished away and she enjoyed to just look into his eyes, like she'd make mental pictures of them to keep them with her when she would be away. They both didn't even look away when their food finally arried, but his words surely did make her snap out of it all. "I love you too" She said softly and nodded lightly, she loved the sound of him not going anywhere, she really did want to believe and hope on that. She took hold of her fork and was about to put a piece of her meal into her mouth before he actually asked her on what kind of photoshoot it was, and of course the jealousy came up again. "it's lingerie and some bathing suits..and one photoshoot with a male model, but that's fully clothed...I guess. It really depends on what they want me to do. But I'll call you after it and tell you everything." She leaned her hand over and took hold of his as she gave it a gentle squeeze "No one will steal me away from you. I love you, only you, and even if I'd have to fake kiss a guy for a photo, doesn't mean I'd fall for them...I love you, and you know that" Of course she wouldn't like him fake kissing a girl for his job, but she wouldn't make out with those guys, she'd barely touch their lips or something, she actually hasn't really thought about it all yet.

Wrote two years ago
He grumbled playfully in complaint as her hand ran across the places she left her mark on on his neck. "Maybe next time I'll make sure everyone knows you are mine" he smirked playfully and reached over to hold her hand gently and intertwin their fingers. A smile spread across his face as her lips kissed his gently. "I'll miss you more" he replied in a soft whisper as he stared into her pretty eyes. He gave her hand a gentle sequeeze as they fell silent, more like a staring contest for what seemed like hours, but it was only probably minutes. He wasn't smiling or sad or nothing, just staring at her. "I love you" he finally broke the silence in a quiet deep voice. "And I'm not going anywhere" he wasnt gonna run off with another girl while she was in japan and he had to reassure her of that. Until he saw a plate get set down in front of him by the waitress but he kept his eyes on Hana. His grilled salmon that he loved, this place had awesome seafood. And of course the best wine they had. this was pretty much what he ate everytime he came to this place. He slowly smiled at his girlfriend and then looked back down to pick up his fork. "I'm starving" he chuckled lightly and began to eat. "So what kind of photoshoot are you doing in japan?..I mean..if it's lingerie or whatever..wait, who else is going?..i..I'm just..well..." He groaned a bit. "Better not be other guys there" he mumbled to himself quietly. "I just don't want anyone stealing you away" he admitted with a little laugh. But he couldn't bare to lose her ever again.

Wrote three years ago
Hana really didn't like the sound of "one night stand", and her glare made it obvious. Although he asured her it was just her, and it felt great to hear that, but she still felt unsure. She knew that there were better girls out there for him. She pecked his lips back gently and smiled softly "I actually think everyone already knows you're mine" She said with a big smirk on her face and pointed slightly to his neck where she had left hickies yesterday, which were still showing. She placed a finger on his neck gently and ran her finger over one of his hickey's gently "I'm proud of them" She kept smirking and looked at him. "You better don't have any new ones when I get back" She said with a playfull glare and laughed softly "You're mine" She whispered softly and leaned over to kiss his lips gently, just a sweet gentle kiss. "I'll miss you" She admitted in a whisper and looked into his eyes again, she'd surely miss those, his ice blue eyes where she kept going lost in.

Wrote three years ago
He watched the waitress leave, before he glanced back at Hana and a small smirk formed on his lips. "Do you remember back in New York how everyone knew who you were? And nobody knew who I was?..well this is LA now..my city..don't be jealous now" he joked with a chuckle. "Ok ok..in seriousness..I know her because I come here often..but uh.." He sighed. "You know my dads really important and everyone knows him..we're like social 'elites' I guess..so that's why people might know me..or they may just be my past one night stands?" He said with a serious face and then just laughed seeing her glare. "Sorry, bad joke" he shrugged, "you don't need to worry about anything though..like other girls..If I wanted to run away with some other chick, don't you think I would've already done it?" He reached out to hold her hand and play with her fingers gently. "But I didnt, because all I see is you" he smiled. "So relax..and this waitress just knows me because I eat here a lot" he reached over to peck her lips with a smile. "You're mine and I'm yours. Everyone should know that" he nodded.

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