It was already 3years after their graduation where this story starts again.
The love story of a nerddy boy and a popular girl. But that was in high-school. But that were years ago, and lots of things had happened.
Demi went to New York to study, and Joe went to LA (you still can change it, couldn't come up with something :p)
They stayed in contact for about a little less than a year, until their contact broke off.

Demi walked into the new building, catching a few glimpse of guys looking at her, it was nothing new to her though, and she enjoyed it. She wasn't the same girl from high-school anymore. She colored her hair, got tattoos and got a little bad-girl-ish.
She looked down at her paper for the right room she had to go and asked a few people who passed her by. Adn then she finally found it. One big room, the ones you see on tv that seem to go on and on and would take ages to get from the top to the floor, where the teachers needed microphones and speakers to make the people in the back actually hear just a little.
She sat down at a little desk and watched the room being filled with people.
And then it started, she actually missed to do this, this might sound nerdy, but she missed listening to the teacher and study and just write stuff down, she really missed it.
After an hour being in the class she noticed someone a few seats down/infront of her..he looked so familiar, but she couldn't put a name on him.
She saw people getting up again and got snapped out of her thought and got up herself and just walked back to the top and just waited at the door, it looked freaky, but she didn't care, she wanted to have a better view on the boy-guy-man, more like a man, he looked so muscular and...manly. She noticed him getting closer behind some people and just couldn't get her eyes off of him, it was like some secret mission to know who he was.
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Wrote three years ago
miss this couple! love it!

Wrote three years ago
it's all fine to me :p
and I bet your set isn't shitty!

Wrote three years ago
Dude what if, it's like near the end of the summer and nick takes Demi out on a special date before they all gotta return to college again, of course there's still Joe who wants Demi back and stuff..buuuttt maybe Sam could come back too, like he's hunted Demi down, and make some drama (; hehe I made a set for their date but it sucks shiit, I'll try to fix it up lol but Im no smarty like you

Wrote three years ago
As her eyes started to get clearer again she noticed his beautiful smile and smiled softly "Good morning" She mumbled a little sleepy and pecked his lips back as he made her sit up. She didn't even notice being shirtless at first until she fully sat up straight and saw his shirt back on his body. She raised her eyebrow and pointed at his shirt before he asked her about her sleep "I slept good, thanks..Haven't slept so good since a while" She smiled even bigger at the thought of her sleep, she hasn't slept so peacefull since months. She nodded lightly and listened to him about her family, but her face soon frowned "I don't want you to go" She said with a pout and just looked at him with puppy dog eyes, but she knew she had to let him go,evenif it wasn't for their date. She smiled softly and looked down at the breakfast he had prepared "this looks great,Nick" She took a bite of it but slightly chocked on it as he went all serious, did something happen while she was asleep, did her parents say anything? or her sisters? She looked at him worried "W-what's wrong?" But of course he was joking, she gasped slightly and glared at him playfully "You are evil!" She chewed on the food he put in her mouth and didn't stop glaring at him, she'd make sure to get him back. "Maybe I'll make you wear that winnie the pooh shirt you had as child, hm? And I don't even care if it's too small, ha!" She took a few mre bites until he mentioned her moaning and her cheeks heated up again "W-what?..What moaning?" She asked innocently and looked down at her place and couldn't stop moaning, so she really did moan and he really did hear it, she wanted to slap herself. But she looked up at him again as he admitted he really did kiss her breast, and she somehow was glad it wasn't just a dream. She grabbed his hand quickly as he poked her nipple and made his hand cup her breast, she didn't care about sitting like this infront of him, she never felt so confident and herself with any other guy "I'm cold" She said in a low voice and bit the corner of her bottom lip and sat slightly closer to him "Someone stole my shirt" She said with a smirk and squeezed his hand that was ontop of her breast, if he wanted to tease her, he'd surely get it back.

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