Hanna has been doing really well with her job, she has been traveling a lot, but she'd call Christian every day, or text him or anything else to keep in contact with him. But the longer she was away, the more difficult it was for them.
At some point, there was silence, Hanna tried to call him, text him, email him, whateven possibile, she even wrote him a letter...but nothing. 3weeks had passed until Hana couldn't take it anymore, she was broken and worried, so many crazy thoughts ran through her mind...but little did she know what really was happening at Christian's home.
After a long flight from Australia back to the US, Hana was happy to see the familiar house... Chris' house. She took the keys from his secret place and unlocked the front door, it was already 10am, not that early, but she know how much Christian loved to sleep in. She placed her bag and suitcase down and made her way upstairs, a smile forming on her faceas she heard a soft snoring coming from his room. But her smile soon dropped as she opened the door to his room. She couldn't believe her own eyes. Some random naked girl laying next to him in bed, one ofher legs wrapped around his legs. Hana couldn't move or speak or even think straight,she just stared at the scene infront of her.

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