Stefanie always had been the black sheep of the family. The love-child of an affair from her father who was married at the time he had met her mother. But of course it didn’t end up well, he left in mid-pregnancy and her mother was alone. A month after she gave birth, she died. But that was the point where the family of her father came into view again, her grandmother took the little girl in and had a good life till the age of 20. In those 20 years, she had seen her father maybe 3 or 4 times, but she loved her grandmother. At some day her grandmother had died of age and the girl was on her own again, that where her father got into her life again.
Stefanie moved over to her father’s family, that’s the first time she actually had seen her half-sister Ridley and her father’s wife Emily, who weren’t really into the new member of the family, although her father seemed really welcoming to her. But Stef never gave up, she always had been the sunshine always smiley and seeing everything on the bright side, so she’d always try to do everything good for her family. But she didn’t know the secret of her family.
Her father’s family has been wizards since ever their family existed, and so did his wife’s family. And that’s where Ridley’s boyfriend Nolan comes into the story. His family has been the rulers of the magical “world”, that’s why there has been a lot of pressure on Nolan to be good at school and to be with a girl who’s worth for the family and a good wizard. Nolan and Ridley have been together for a year now and his family was really happy with that girl, she did everything his family asked for, she was good in college and was the best in class after Nolan. Everything has been going well…until Stefanie comes into all of their lives, clueless about their real selves. Stefanie herself is just a normal girl from next door, no magic, she probably had missed those genes from her dad since her mother was just a normal human being too.

Stefanie finally found some coffee shop where she could take out some coffee, which actually made her late for school. “Shiit” She cursed to herself and stormed out of the door and ran straight into someone which just made her coffee spill right all over the person’s shirt “Oh no! I’m sorry!” She apologized quickly and looked up at the guy’s face. He was dressed in some kind of college uniform which looked way too familiar, but other than his uniform he looked really pissed. “I’m so sorry… I-I need to go, sorry” And with that Stefanie just continued to run and run, this really wouldn’t make a good look at her first day of her new college.
The day actually went by fast but she was glad to be home again. She put her key into the lock of the front door and tried to open it…and she kept trying and turning, pulling, pushing, everything possible. Until at some point where she tried to turn the key and push, it finally opened and she pretty much rolled into the living room. “Oow…” She mumbled to herself and looked quickly over to the couch as she heard a deep chuckle. Her eyes widened as she remembered the guy from earlier today. Ridley walked into the living room with two drinks and rolled her eyes as she saw Stefanie laying on the floor “Get up, you look ridiculous”. She sat down next to Nolan and handed him his drink. “This is Stefanie, my dad’s little mistake…Stefanie, this is Nolan, my boyfriend” She said with a little smirk, but her smirk dropped the second as Nolan stood right next to Stefanie and helped her up.

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Wrote two years ago
Same here my friend
Idk really

Wrote two years ago
idk, really
I really am idea-less :s

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I know :(
Idk why we can't think of somehing for this one
Any ideas yet?

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YOU are!
usually we always come up with ideeeaaas! :(

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