Andromeda... Ruler of men or to think like a man. That was the new name they had given her. They'd told her to completely forget the girl she'd been and embrace the new creature she'd become. A gladiator. The first female one at that. Basically come sick animal for the higher powers to gain entertainment from... 
 It was hot out. Her skimpy outfit barely covered any of her dark tanned skin and her leather armor felt like it was suffocating her. She lunged at her opponent but he saw her coming and he took her down easily, his wooden blade at her neck. She'd been defeated... He offered her his hand and a small sad smile. Sure. he could smile. He wasn't going to be punished. She'd lost. A foolish error to make. she swallowed hard and stood, ignoring his hand and the other grim looks the surrounding gladiators were giving her. They knew the punishment for losing.
 Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and stepped back into line with the other men, waiting for the commander to come to the arena from where he'd been watching

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