James Bond, Agent 007, was by far the most brilliant agent that has ever worked for the British Secret Service. He died some years ago, although no one is quite sure how. Rumors say he was shot in action, others say he dissolved into the shadows that had so long obscured him and he died peacefully. One thing that Britain does know for sure is that he didn’t leave them empty-handed, without replacements. In fact, he had two sons that he raised in the art of espionage, assassination and loyal service to their country. The Secret Service calls them the Bond Boys and they’ve been assets to their country for the past 5 years, just as loyal, secretive and dedicated as their father. And like him, they have no parents or next of kin aside from the other. On the other side of the pond, the American Secret Service, or American Intelligence, is getting its act together. Unlike Britain, they haven’t had a legacy like 007 to uphold and they’ve seen their rough days, where espionage was on the wayside. A few years ago, they too acquired a set of orphaned agents. Each from a different background, they took some training and are on their way to being the best agents the American Intelligence has ever seen. These girls, christened the Guardian Girls, are hardened, determined and have a lot to prove, whether to themselves or to the Intelligence. While Britain and the US don’t normally work together, especially in espionage and undercover work, there’s a bigger threat lurking that neither super country can face alone. The only answer is to send the best of the best – the Bond Boys and the Guardian Girls. It’ll be a test of their strength, faith and ultimately their loyalty.
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