Leila and Liam broke up nearly 3 years ago, and she started college over-sea 1 year ago.
It was her dream college, just supernatural kids like here. Werewolves and Vampires from all over the world. But of course she was special, her mother being a vampire and her dad being a werewolf. Some at school thought she was special, but of course some were truely against vampire-werewolf friendship, let's not talk about love. But that were just a few students thinking like that.
She loved college, she was a good student.
It already was a week or two into her second year of college, when they got the news that they'd have a new teacher for "Hiding while hunting". She never really hunted, but she was good at hiding, or so she thought. Of course all the other students were excited for that class, to hide even better while they hunted, mostly the vampires.
Leila just sat at one of the desks as one of the girls next to her talked about some young handsome man who'll be their teacher.
Leila tapped her pen on the desk and soon saw the teacher walking in, she couldn't really see him since she was somewhere in the back, but the scent, so familiar. Her eyes widened slightly and she tried to get a better look at the teacher...Liam. Her jaw clenched slightly and she just hid behind the people infront of her again and tried not to get any attention. This was the least place she wanted to see him again. Now it would mean that she'd see him nearly every day.

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