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A boy has lived near the ocean practically his whole life. Maybe he's a fisher or a surfer or something..? But, one day, he's walking along the shore near his house and he finds a girl. He takes the unconscious girl back to his house, wondering if she's dead. Well, this girl wakes up. And she's surely not dead. In fact, she barely knows what most of the things are in the house. She keeps poking at her legs as if their foreign objects. She seems a bit...strange. Turns out, this girl is a mermaid. Poor thing ran away from home...

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Wrote two years ago
Jesse smiled softly and pointed. "one more door and to the left" He leaned against the railing again. He looked at her, she looked fairly confused and he hadnt figured out why. Maybe from the hit to the head or whatever caused her to pass out.
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Wrote two years ago
Lynn waited as he got the clothes for her wondering where she could possibly go. Lynn took the clothes from his hands and looked at them realising they were his. "Thank you" she simply told him. "Um... Where can I change?l
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Wrote two years ago
Jesse nodded before he walked up the rest of his stairs. Opening the door and grabbing one of his shirts and a pair of sweats before going back to her. "here you go" He said as he handed the girl the articles of clothing.

Wrote two years ago
Lynn nodded with a small smile and said softly, "Some clothes and food would be nice right now." She said as she realised that he was obviously looking at her as if she was a but different... Although she was different

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