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Brooklyn Russell was definitely well known at her previous school. All false rumors that often consisted of a girl getting drunk and sleeping with a guy she barely knew at the most recent party were about her. She brushed off the constant name-calling from bitchy teenage girls and rude remarks from hormonal teenage boys. After a particularly violent fight she was involved in, his father decided to send her off to boarding school now that her younger brother’s school, the Pacific Coast Academy, was accepting girls. She gladly packed her bags and escaped the judgmental people that overflowed her high school and decided to start over now that no one knew about her past. She hid beneath baggy clothes and messy hair for the first few weeks, but someone caught her eye and she knew she was going to get nowhere acting like someone she wasn’t. She threw away her clothes and bought new ones that truly reflected her style, brushed her chestnut brown hair and applied some makeup to accentuate her beauty. The blue-eyed girl surprised everyone by her sudden change, especially the guy that had been clouding her mind. After bonding over classic novels, 80’s movies and good music over a tutoring lesson, she had him wrapped around her armor ring-covered finger. They went back to his place and did all the things Brooklyn had been falsely accused of doing with the guys in her previous school. Too bad the guy she’s falling for is his History teacher. She’s not the only one that’s attracted him, but she sure is the only one that took the risk and actually did something about it. If the secret comes out, then trying to forget her past reputation might be a bit too difficult for this young girl. 
MODEL – Willa Holland. 

Patrick is the incredibly attractive new History teacher at PCA who promised himself that he would not get involved with a student, since he believed that most of them wouldn’t even catch his attention. Until he met Brooklyn Russell, a girl that had him wrapped around her finger from the minute he first saw her. He knew that underneath all the baggy layers of clothing, a beautiful girl was lying underneath. He noticed it in the way she spoke, the way she wrote and simply in the way she just /was/. She was unlike anything he had seen before and he wanted more. She asked for some tutoring and he accepted, even though he was a hundred percent sure that she didn’t really need it. He couldn’t say no to an opportunity to get to know her and that’s exactly what he did. He realized that he couldn’t just ignore the fact that they were basically meant for each other, even though the age difference and the fact that they were teacher and student was definitely frowned upon by society. He tried to control his actions, but one thing led to another and they ended up in his apartment and a secret that might be too hard to handle. 
MODEL – Ryan Gosling.
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