"I'm really offended by the fact that our child's pacifier is pink," Zach told me as I popped the thing in Gabe's mouth. 

I shrugged. "Who cares? He's far too young to associate colors with genders." 

Zach wrinkled his nose. "It's subliminal, Aimee."

"Sure," I snorted. 

"I'm buying him a new one." 

"You're ridiculous..." I sighed. "Anyways I'm going to the Studio today to get the new script and read it over." I added in a grin. "I'm the artistic director." 

"That's exciting," Zach nodded. He pecked me on the cheek proudly. "Have the Viv issues settled down yet?" 

I shrugged. "Meh. I guess she's realizing that we actually do good work. Maybe.." 

"Well, I trust you're not letting her push you around artistically speaking." 

"You know me," I smirked. I was a handfull when I wanted to be. "If she tries it, I'll show her who she's dealing with," I promised. 

"Atta girl. So you want me to be on baby duty today?"

"Yep.. There's breast milk in the fridge." 

"Little creepy. But okay. Can you imagine if someone accidentally drank that?" 

I shrugged. "Apparently it's great." 

Zach started laughing. Then when he stopped he had a mischievious look on his face. "Speaking of your boobs.." 

I shot him a disapproving glare. 

He chuckled. "No.. but seriously.. We need a night out together. What do you think?" 

A smile played at my lips. "Alright.. Tomorrow night?" 

He winked as he picked up Gabe. "Be ready at eight, baby."
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