I was on edge. I felt like I hadn't spoken to Rylan in an entire week. We'd had snatches of hurried conversation, but other than that, I had not kissed him, met with him, or even sat down to lunch with him. And he hadn't been answering my calls all day. 

Finally the phone buzzed and I grabbed it like a hungry barbarian. "Hello?" I said breathlessly. 

"Colton," said the hapless voice of my so-called boyfriend. "How are you? What's up?" 

"Oh nothing just getting my kicks from the closest breathing male body." 

"Haha," he said humorlessly. "I'm really sorry," he continued ernestly. "It's just.. I'm wrapped up in this new movie. I'm sorry you have to go through this so soon in our relationship but, baby, this is how I get when I'm working on something new." 

I pouted. No wonder the guy's world renowned. "I guess I understand..." 

"Convincing," he muttered. 

"Look, I know how to make this all better. Stella's having a party tonight. Would you like to escort me?" I said brightly. 

"Welllll...." he started. My heart sank. "I have a meeting with James Franco tonight. And it's really important because if I don't get him on this movie ... Well, he's a great actor and he'll just make this thing take off.. you know..?" 

I took a moment to soak that in. "So I guess that's it then..."

"What do you mean by that?" he said suddenly and suspiciously.

"Nothing, I'm just not happy is all.. You can't blame me for that." 

"No but.. you're not that mad right? I mean, we can see eachother tomorrow." 

"I don't know if I can wait weeks at a time to see you, Rylan. I mean, I can't wait to see you tomorrow but I'm just a little confused. Only a while ago we spent every waking moment together completely blissful... Is the spark gone so quickly?" 

"No.. I'll make it up to you, Colt. I promise. Just don't give up on us so easily," he said sincerely. 

"Alright, I don't want to.." 

"I'll see you tomorrow then." 

"Bye, Ry. Good luck with James." 

"Thanks and keep your head up. I love you--"

I blinked. ".. What..?" 

"I said.. I said I love you." 

"Oh, well, goodnight." 

"Goodnight," he said awkwardly. I put the phone down on the table and collapsed onto the couch. What just happened? First I feel like he's growing apart and then he whips out I love you, when I'm not ready to say that?

Did I? Could I feel that way so quickly?

I tried to clear my mind as I got ready for the party at Stella's. I would be the only one there alone, I knew it. Everyone had man candy on their arms. I would be sticking out. I showed up anyhow, despite my sudden instinct to stay home and binge on mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

Everyone was sympathetic, they made their 'boo' faces and made their 'cheer up' comments but I just inwardly sulked my way through the room. 

All I kept thinking was, tomorrow better include some dam.n good make-up se.x.
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