Warning, some of these you may know. I just needed a cool title (; But for some reason, I'm really interested in this kind of stuff c: SO, here are some interesting facts c: 

- Whenever you think about someone a lot, its because they were thinking about you first. 

- Most serial killers can't climb.

- At the age of 16, 8O% of people have already met the person they are going to marry.

- When you're in love, you remember 3O% more of your dreams.

- Your pupils dilate when you see someone you love, and when you see someone you hate.

- Shopping & Chocolate are more addictive then LSD & steroids.

- You can only dream about things you already. The people & faces you know & have seen in real life. 

- When it's hot outside, you're more likely to get into a fight.

- If it takes more then four weeks to get over a breakup, you have fallen in love. 

- If you tear the paper off your drink bottles, you're sexually frustrated.

- All emotional pain lasts for 12 minutes, anything longer is self-inflicted. 

- People who spend time in the sun, are usually more happy.

- Distracted people are more creative

- When you wake up around 2-3 am without any reasons, there's an 80% chance someone is staring at you.

- Men are more attracted to women wearing red.

- Angry people are more optomistic

- Swearing helps reduce pain & tension

- People who blush more easily are proven to be more passionate lovers.

- On average, a person falls in love 7 times in their lifetime. 

- When we sleep while hugging a pillow, we actually wish it to be the person we miss and love the most.

- The human brain is much more active at night, then day. 

- The human brain can only take 15O special relationships.

- When you fall in love, you loose two close friends.

Those are just some, & of course, some of them are not all real. But they may be, I don't know, I'm not a scientist. c; 

Credit to tumblr, I typed in 'psychological facts' & it gave all of these posts xD
Oh, & psychologicalfacts.tumblr.com

- bea // @italianvintage // lipgloss-kisses-and-shiny-things.tumblr.com
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