Protect The 3B (working title since I can’t find any good one now)


Joon’s POV

I looked down from the window at bushes underneath it; it’s going to be painful. Very painful.

But meeting with the guy who was knocking furiously into the door was going to be a real torture.

I grabbed pile of my clothes to press it to my body, at least protect most important parts of it [not including handsome face this time] and jumped down. I skillfully rolled on the ground, preventing myself from breaking any bones but still the fall took my breath away. I stayed on rosy grass for few seconds, to catch breath and make sure I was still alive.

I must have been still alive, if I heard my opponent leaving the house [through front door, like civilized person] and calling me the worst possible names.

I got up to face him; but he wasn’t anywhere around…

“You’re dead meat!” He yelled from his car and started an engine. Quick peek at the furious man sitting behind the wheel of his Hammer made me realize how unlucky I was.

I had to run, run as fast as I could being chased by the man who wanted to see me as dead meat. That was my profession’s risk.

What made it unlucky was the fact that it was Hammer instead of Smart, that pavement was full of kids going to school, and that clothes I should have on were lying next to me.

‘Run, Joon, run! ‘ I said to myself and started the most embarrassing escape of my life…

At this point, you dear reader, can wonder how it all started. Honestly, I would also look back at past when any middle school girls weren’t screaming at sight of your naked body passing them in furiously paced run.

Let’s have a flashback…
‘Ga-ga, mommy!’
Ekhem, I don’t think we need to go back THAT much. 


It didn’t even snow but still I wasn’t too pleased to step outside my apartment. But urgent call from boss is something you can’t ignore even when you have your Christmas break. Especially when the only things that holds you inside is your warm bed and lazy cat, not family.

Since the part when I walk from my apartment to our secret hiding place is:
1. Secret – you can’t know the way there
2. Boring as hell;
I’m going to use this time to tell something about myself.

My name is Jung Joon, 22. My parents work at fish market, and as you can imagine they are poor.

Growing up as poor kid made me realize how valuable is…not love nor family. How valuable is money. I’m telling this as my defense against accusation that what I’m doing now is immoral.

Since high school I’ve been living on my own, earning enough to enjoy this life. 

Officially, I work as bodyguard. 

In reality, I’m dating rich daughters. And their parents pay me for that.

Our boss, Mr. Chen, noticed long time ago that wealthy people hire bodyguards to protect their precious kids, and that the precious kids refuse to be guarded. 

Solution is simple: secret bodyguard; bodyguard who is closer to your teenage kid than you, always busy. And who can be closer than a friend? Or boyfriend?

I reached the place. Mr. Chen used to be secret agent in China, and probably because of that our security service looks more like National Security Agency. To step in, I had to press code and scan my thumb. 

Luckily, the place inside was more cosy than military base you could expect. It was Mr. Chen apartment (this is at least my guess; once I met here The Boss wearing pink Hello Kitty apron and fluffy slippers, baking muffins).

This time The Boss was wearing suit, so the situation was definitely more serious. I was the last one to arrive so I quickly found an empty seat among other ‘agents’ [The Boss called us agents instead of bodyguards].

“Boss, why you cancelled all our current ‘missions’?” The girl next to me asked; she was currently protecting one of chaebol’s daughter, and it took her a lot of effort to gain girl’s trust and become her ‘best friend’.
“Because this time we have some serious job, and by SERIOUS I mean it.” Mr. Chen cleared his throat and tall, well built, and, very predictable, dressed in suit man entered the room. “This is agent Lee.” The Boss introduced the man. “My old friend”. The boss allowed himself to friendly pat agent’s arm. Lee shrugged disapprovingly.
“Hey guys, his daughter must be very naughty since he needs us all to protect her.” I jokingly said. The unusual atmosphere of seriousness was killing me; if I wanted to work in such atmosphere I would find a job in office… or cemetery. 
“Joon, this is not time for jokes!” The boss was nervous. Way too nervous.

“Can I..?” The man called agent Lee stepped to the center of room, and I felt like student during lecture. And because I was a kid who really couldn’t sit still for long and listen to someone’s speech, I took off my notebook. 

During such meetings notebook is essential. You open it and pretend to take down notes, which makes people like Mr. Chen so proud of you. They believe you put so much effort that you even note details.

But in fact, the black leather notebook in my hands was filled with doodles. I found empty page to start drawing caricature of the agent.

“This is prestigious high school for students from best families in Seoul.” Agent Lee explained the picture that was shown on screen behind him. Completely unnecessary, we already knew it.
“Parents of those students are important figures. In politics, business…What I’m going say next is top secret information, have that in mind. “ He gave us scary look that didn’t really make an impression on us. “We received an information that life of these students is in danger. “

We probably should gasp or something but we heard it million times.

My last client was chaebol who believed his daughter was in danger; in reality only possible danger was choking to death with lemon cake during tea party she attended [with me unfortunately]. Instead of fighting for her life with thugs who could kidnap her, I was suffering by accompanying her everything. The only difficulty in that task was the fact she looked more like ugly dwarf than girl, and it was hard to pretend being deeply in love with her. [Poor me.]

“….it stated that exactly in three weeks all kids will die. Ekhem, are you paying attention, boy?” Agent Lee noticed my inattention. 
“Yes, sir, yes. I’m even taking down notes!” I saluted from my place. The agent without any pardon grabbed my notebook. 
“Interesting notes.” He definitely wasn’t amused by the doodle of himself. He took out his gun. Mr. Chen gasped, someone driven by instinct behind sofa he was sitting on.

I sat indifferent. He wouldn’t shot me in his friend’s house, right?

“A madman, a very dangerous madman, sent us a letter with information that until January ends, all students from class 3B will die.” Agent Lee slowly walked in my direction. “He want to blackmail their powerful parents. And we can’t let that happen.” Lee looked down at me, still with sun in his hand, holding it casually like if it was nothing else than a toy. “That’s why you and your friends are going to secretly protect those students while real agents like me will hunt down the madman. Do you understand that?”
“Yes, sir ,yes!”
“One little bruise on one of those kids’ butt and I’ll personally bruise this pretty face of yours.”
“Lee, my kids are professionals, they will carry out the task like no one else.” 
“I hope so, Chen.” Agent sight and walked back to his place. Judging by his body language I could told that it was difficult task for him, and that ‘madman’ was serious opponent. When Lee sat to smoke a cigarette [how I wished to smoke one too!], it was Chen’s turn to speak.
“We don’t have much time so you have to quickly get close to your ‘targets’. Here – “ He pointed at pile of gray paper folders [he was so oldfashioned]. “Pick one; I know you too well to predict you would argue if I assigned you to certain target. ‘Oh, why I can have him, he looks better!’ “Chen said in weird voice that was supposed to imitate female’s.

I got up and picked one of folders. I crossed my fingers to get pretty girl this time. Or boy who isn’t gay [I’m not going to tell you that story; let’s better burry it as one of those unpleasant memories…].

“And remember about the rule.”
“Boss, we’re professionals, don’t worry.” I winked at him, to which he just sighed.

Our rule was simple;

Never fall in love with ‘target ‘.

I don’t know how others managed to not get emotionally involved with their targets; maybe they were simply cold-hearted b.astards. [I’m okay with that.]. But I followed one more rule, my personal one – never kiss a target; kisses [and by kisses I mean really ones, not soft pecks] are way to intimate and I prefer to leave it for people with whom I actually plan to go to bed.
Keeping physical distance with targets helps [but just imagine how creative I must be to pretend to be their beloved boyfriend without that! Luckily (?), there are other ways of skinship than kisses].

Everyone opened their folders to check who they get. I did the same. Firstly look at the picture.

Nice skin; quite pretty; looks innocent.

Easy target.

Then checking personal information.

Bae Suji (18)
Divorced parents
Lives with mother (45; former ballerina)
Interested in ballet, photography, classical music
Owns a cat

Not much information, most of them rather boring. I stopped reading when I noticed agent Lee standing next to me. 
“And you got…”
“Bae Suji. Easy target.” I smirked.
He slapped me in back of my head. [He must work out a lot; it hurt so much TT_TT]
“There’s no easy targets on this mission”. He sounded so serious.

I looked back at the picture of the girl; when Lee walked to another person I allowed myself to smirk again. This was going to be very pleasant mission.

If you would ask me whether I still think that now, running naked and trying to escape they guy in Hammer trying to run me over is pleasant mission, I could only answer: it had its pleasant moments. But about that you will learn later.

If I survive to our next meeting…!

So this is my suggestion for a roleplay in December/January. Anyone is welcome to join:) If no one wants than I’ll continue it as my personal story.

It’s about students from class 3B [last grade in prestigious high school] and their ‘secret bodyguards’. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)
I hope you like it! ^^
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