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hello everyone!! hope you are having an awesome day c:

if you're reading this you should totally go audition for @.kristen-gregory-sexy-sports-babe's battle group, battle of the set styles!! there's two spots open for the magazine team, which yours truly is on! so go check that outtt www.polyvore.com/battle_set_styles/set?id=213698335

i really like this set?? the fillers are arranged pretty nicely and i feel like this is actually a really neat outfit. like, this gal is wearing this outfit with that hat and she has that camera and scrunchie in that tote. she also has the clutch in there bc she used it yesterday she's too lazy to take everything out of there lol. (bit of a stretch but just go with it ok)

my best friend came over yesterday and spent the night. it was awesome, we played guitar hero and a couple of board games. we also ended up watching several episodes of liv and maddie ironically but it was actually okay? and the freaking bee movie which is literally the worst but it's entertaining

she had my xmas gift but i didn't want to open it because my gift for her hadn't come in the mail yet?? but i opened the gift anyays and it was aziz ansari's book which i've been wanting to read forever omg. but right after she left my mom checked the mail and lo and behold, there was the gift. go figure

tonight my mom and i are going to this flower arranging class which seems really cool!! in fact i should go get ready for that

love you,

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Wrote 10 days ago
np and oMG ok i have to rewatch it then and see how cringe it is now LOL (: and aw thats good lol (^:

Wrote 10 days ago
@everything-is-peachy thank you so much!! and omg that's amazing

Wrote 10 days ago
omg this set is so adorable?? one of my friends actually memorized the bee movies script and every time someone mentions something about bees like honey or something they'll start to spit out lines from the movie 😂

Wrote 10 days ago
@falloutjadyn thank you sm!! and omg i watched it when i was little too and of course i enjoyed it but when i watch it now it's so cringey forGIVE ME
and lol i told her about it and she was very amused haha. and thank you, i totally did!!


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