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polyvore added my set to their collection "how to style white converse" hahaha it's sooo ironic bc me, emily, jess, grace and annika were talking about white converse the day before. i like black windsor smiths (or in the words of emily: chunky gladiator sandals. whatever floats your boat) too; they look so cool. i don't think i could pull them off though, haha


ahh rachel @r-4chel is my bel watson buddy. finally someone on here who appreciates bel's books. i wanna read the princess series now; i read the oned series so quickly hahaha. it's hard to find good oned stories. 90% of them are about harry. there's this good book on wattpad about secret agents (which i'm really digging rn) and the author is like undiscovered on wattpad but she has books published in rl

remember when i used to talk about z? yes well i'm over that now. i went to his house today, baha. i left my house and went to someone else's. something is very wrong here... (≖︿≖✿) i need to get out more

i was tagged by the fab @flowaeri, thank you :-)

a - available: yeah hahah

b - birthday: 2nd of february

c - crushing on: niall horan ugh he's so cute don't get me started

d - drink you last had: water

e - easiest person to talk to: leah @love-132 or hamial @she-who-cannot-be-name maybe idk haha

f - favorite song: called out in the darkness by snow patrol

g - gummy bears or gummy worms: gummy worms

h - hometown: somewhere in queensland

i - in love with: spy books rn

k - killed someone: hahah yeah ofc

l - longest car ride: two days long

m - milkshake flavour: chocolate

n - number of siblings: three

o - one wish: for people to stop wishing for infinite wishes. no it does not work like that, stop it

p - person that you called last: probably no one; no one calls me lol. nah it was my friend probs

r - reason to smile: it's almost friday! even though i do nothing on weekends


t - time you woke up: 5:15am

u - underwear color: purple

v - vegetable: potatooo

w - worst habit: being on my phone 24/7. during school, bed, dinner, any time, anywhere

x - x-rays you've had: i dunno

y - years living where you live: one

z - zodiac sign: i dunno, i don't really care for that sort of stuff

and @flowaeri tagged me to do this also

favourite animal: baby monkeys hehe they're so cute

what color do you wear the most: i don't know actually, maybe black? i don't wear all black but i usually wear black pants/shorts

least favorite colour: i dunno maybe those tacky shades of pink

what are you listening to: a car driving by

can you whistle: yeah

do you believe in miracles?: yes

do you believe in magic?: nope

love at first sight: idk

do you believe in santa?: nah haha

do you like roller coasters?: i've never been on one but they seem fun

have you ever been on a plane?: yes

have you ever been to the ocean?: yep

what was the last thing you bought?: uhmmm i borrowed a movie?? or i bought a snickers

what was the last thing you watched on tv?: saving mr. banks which probably doesn't count bc it was a dvd

do you cry when you get an injury?: well i tripped the other day and scraped my hand which resulted in a crying session so yes

do songs make you cry: not really

are you a happy person: i try to be

what is your current hair color?: brown

your eye color?: brown

short or long hair?: medium?? i can't pick between short or long lol

height?: IDK IS THAT BAD

i tag @love-132 @r-4chel @nadiasxox @discxnnect-ed @yoitsgrace @pageylove @w-onderstruck @t4rdis and @adal1ne

- jemma

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