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Today we’re trying something new, and very far from any demon hunting. We’re leaving the institute early, meaning in the lobby at six a.m. everyone, and heading on a van heading down to New Jersey. First we’ll visit the famous Carlos’s Bakery, seen on cake boss, and will be getting a couple small cakes for a desert full lunch. Since we’re staying in Jersey for the day, the next step will be to spend the afternoon on the boardwalk. Finish it off with heading to some of the famous clubs of the Jersey Shore. Be back to the van by midnight though, we just might leave without you. 

"Ok so today we are going to the bakery and the boardwalk got it?" Rowan drilled for the thousandth time. It was like she thought we hadn't gone over this. 

"Earth to Evina." I heard someone snap.

"Huh" I asked unzoning out. Everything seemed hazy today. But I couldn't be tired I mean I had slept all day yesterday. And well talked to Via...

"You were all spacey." Michael explained noticabely annoyed. Which is how he sounded all the time. I looked over at him with his shaggy hair that brushed his eyes. He wore a leather jacket, a faded t-shirt that said 'LETS FUC.K TONIGHT' in faded black letters, black skin tight jeans with hole that weren't manufactured on the knees, and unlaced black docs. Overall a nice package.

"Sorry it wasn't like you were keeping a conversation going." This was how we talked. People thought we were going to start fighting at any moment, but that hadn't happened yet.

We arrived at the bakery. It didn't look like how I imagined it. I imagined it to look like disney land mixed with willy wonkas chocolate factory. But alas this was just a normal building with a giant stainless steal kitchen. 

Since the bakery was somewhat disappointing to my childish imagination I hoped the boardwalk would be awesome.

"Here we are! Now don't forget to be back on time! This isn't preschool we don't take roll." Clary said. I hadn't talked to her or Jace since the...thing. Nor did I plan on it.

We were ushered off the bus and they stuck to their word it wasn't like school where you stuck to a schedule or had to tell someone where you are going. We just sorta paired up, and somehow I had paired up with Michael. "Looks like you can be graced with my presence for a while longer scotty." He sneered.

"No I am the only one who can stand to be around you and your smartas.s mouth." I retorted. It was true even his brother couldn't stand to be around him to long.

"Make whatever excuses you have to. I don't mind."

I decided that that didn't dignify a response and started walking down the boardwalk. It was almost sun set. I loved the way the sun looked like it was leaking out into the sea like when you poke an egg yoke. Michael was rambling on about somthing, I think he was talking about a bike. But who knows.

Suddenly he stopped. It took me a moment to even realise he had. I looked back, he was leaning agianst the railing looking towards the sea. I backtracked and nudged him. "What are you staring wistfully into the sunset." I teased.


"Ok then.." That was unusual, no sarcastic and/or hurtful remark.

I wasn't even prepaired for when he kissed me. It came out of know where, like he didn't want to give me time to react. At first it was questioning then it became more hungry. He slipped his tongue into my mouth. It didn't feel bad just not amazing. I broke away first. His eyes met mine asking 'was that ok?'

I didn't say anything for a minute. I hadn't quiet proccess what was happening. Why had he done that? 

"I-I-I um..." mumbled tripping over my words. This always happened when I was nerveous, it was like my mouth just couldn't form the words.

"I know I am pretty amazing." He said with a cocky smile. Of course he thought I was nerveous to tell hime how much I /loved/ and /adored/ him. 

"N-No I-"

"What?" He said rudely interupting me.

"If you would let me finish." I hissed. I took a deep breathe. Concentrate on what you want to say. 

"I am kinda...sorta....I think in a relationship." I say sighing in relief. It definately wasn't the most effective sentence but I didn't stutter.

"A relationship? You don't sound to sure."

"I am." I said straigtening up. 'I think' I continued in my head.

"You didn't seem to faithful a minute ago." He said raising one eye brow.

"You ambushed me!" I defended.

"Really you seemed like you were longing for some physical entertainment. He doesn't like touching you or somthing."

"What the hell?" Like he could tell, the arrogant jackasss.

"Don't worry I don't mind being a male version of a mistress for a while." He smiled coming closer.

I took a step back. I wasn't going to let him kiss me agian and I /would not/ let him be my...mistress.

"No, my relationship is just complicated that is all." Extremely complicated.

"So who is this mystery man?" He questioned. I didn't feel like correcting him that it wasn't a man that I liked. Oh god would Via be mad? Some how I think that it would less hurtful if she was mad then completely disinterested.

"None of your business." I was getting tired. Why couldn't he just leave me alone if just for a moment.

"Ok but don't think I will give up. I don't get discouraged that easily."

"Your not my type." I said with a knowing smile.

"We will see about that." He said walking back towards the bus. Why did everyone leave me in the end?

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