Song || Rhythm of Life from the musical Sweet Charity (this recording is of the Broadway Revival)
I would love it if you listened to the song at the side, it's a really well composed song from the musical Sweet Charity. I've never actually seen it but I've see certain songs performed from it by a theatre group and I know the basis to the storyline. I really want to see this musical. Plus, everyone knows at least one song from this musical if you've heard the song 'Big Spender' because it's originally from this musical :D
Well, I should really be in bed because, after all, it is 2:30am in the UK. But I just can't sleep and I was bored so I created a set. I hope you like it :)
(Well that's easy if I'm allowed two choices..)

Les Miserables - Spectacular music and based on actual historical events (and I'm a history fanatic)

Blood Brothers - Fantastic storyline, you have to be an extraordinary actor to be in this musical

I cry at both because I'm a big softie :')

What's your favourite musical?

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Wrote 4 years ago
WOW!!!! such a creative set!!! you can really see a lot of work has been put into it!!!! well done :)

Wrote 5 years ago
I've never sung it in a choir/chorus but there was this programme that was on in the UK a few years ago called 'Last Choir Standing' and there was a choir from Wales called 'Ysgol Glanaethwy' (I don't know what that means in Welsh so don't ask haha) and they sung this song beautifully - I think they were a school choir. They even made it their own by mixing the Welsh and English language together. They placed 2nd but I think they should have won:
And thank you for commenting :)

Wrote 5 years ago
Oh I sang that song in chorus last year.
Great set btw

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