SATURDAY December 4: There’s 21 days until Christmas. It’s time to do some present shopping, everyone meet up at Harrison Square and bring your credit card.

[credit to christi for the dialogue/story!]

Having been in every store trying to look for a new dress to wear on Christmas, I was now revisiting them again, determined to find the perfect dress. Finding a LBD, I put it on and walked around to find a mirror. I was examining myself in the mirror when I heard a voice behind me.

 “That dress looks great on you.” I turned around to see a pretty brunette smiling at me.
 I smiled back at her. “Oh, thanks; I’m still thinking about whether or not I should get it.”
 “I say yes; I’m Nel.” She introduced herself to me and I smiled again, glad that I was about to make another friend in Boston.
 “So what are you up to?” 
I sighed. “Just doing some Christmas shopping; you?”
 “Same, trying to find something for my sister.” Hearing this, an idea sprung to my mind.
 “Well if you need someone to join you while you look…”
 “Sounds great; I just moved down here. I haven’t really had too much interaction with anybody else.” I was relieved when she said yes.
 “I know what you mean; I just moved too.”
 “Made any new friends?” 
I shrugged my shoulders. “Other than you, just a few girls. Have you?”
 “Well I came down with a few friends, but other than that just a guy.” I nodded. At she knew a few people already, me on the other hand, was what you called a “loner”
 “That sounds fun.”
 “Eh… Things started off a little odd; but you never know.”
 After I had took off the dress and bought it, we carried on shopping, each trying to help each other with gift idea for family and friends. After we had finished, we made arrangements to do it again and as I went home, I felt the smile on my face. Maybe I wasn’t such a loner afterall.
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