Queen Valentine. {tnk}

The hardest thing about this collection was trying not to fill it with just a bunch of gowns, as well as to keep it from being too Marie Antoinette-ish. But I guess that really couldn't be helped. When I think of a queen that likes to party and spend money, I think Marie.
Mostly whites, pale gold, and light blue {to keep with the whole Cinderella thing}. And heaps of diamonds and pearls, naturally.

Queen Valentine, The First Kingdom
Age: 45 (Appears 25)
Valentine is what you might call a hopeless romantic, though that isn't always a good thing in her case. She's been married a total of nine times, forcing her daughter to deal with an endless string of 'new daddies' and step-siblings. One can also argue that she isn't a very good ruler; she's more interested in parties than politics. She leaves that boring business to her royal advisor; shopping, planning the palace's next shindig, and being with her new husband are all more important than ruling the kingdom.
Model: Doutzen Kroes
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Wrote one year ago
Gorgeous pic's ,thank you for sharing :)))xxx

Wrote one year ago
@princess70xox <3

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#hoarding #items #flawless

Wrote one year ago
@lilyracheled & @sophieviollet Thank you!! :3
@semper-eadem Aw, gee!! Thanks, lovely. :*

Wrote one year ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhh this collection is gorgeousssssssss *casually saving every item*

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Amazing! :)

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Too lovely! x


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