queer and here but not for your sh*t

updated 25/2/16
honestly just let us have our goddamn queer spaces. you think they're holding hands in these pics bc friendship? f*ck off, who cares. i'm taking my queer representation wherever the f*ck i can get it. anyways.
edit: can i just say that i'm so so so grateful for all of the positive feedback on this set? honestly, every time there's any activity on it, i feel a little more like i'm a part of this community and i belong. so thank you, enjoy a few more pics, and don't let the straights get you down! <3
#gay #lesbian #bisexual #bi #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtq #lgbtq+ #lgbtqa #lgbtqa+ #lgbtqap #lgbtqap+ #queer 1 angry queer reporting for duty

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